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I want you all to know that this IS how I live. The ideas and strategies for getting and staying organized are tried and true in my life for the past 28 years of my marriage. My husband likes things in order also, so that helps ALOT! I know it can be challenging when a couple is not on the same page. If one is messy and a slob…it can create a constant frustration!

A Place for Everything And Everything In It’s Placeorganized-cupboard

This is something I say often! I’ve really found that it helps across the board. If you are living with someone that does not have the same amount of care and concern for items being picked up and put away; it really helps for them to have a place to put things. It also makes it way easier, if you’re the one having to pick up and put things away!

It’s paramount for children. Especially in the early training years, so they know how to be organized and learn to place their toys, clothing, and any other items where they can be properly stowed. It’s much more convenient for everyone to grab possessions and place them where they need to be…when they know EXACTLY where they are supposed to put things!

Not Every Tip And Idea Is For Every One

Throughout my website, you can read various articles that apply to you. I’m sure you will come across tips that you might think, “Wow! That will really work for me.” And I’m guessing there will be other suggestions that just really won’t be applicable for your home, family or space. I do live an organized life, but I have not been able to apply each and every idea I have or find, into my current home and life. At times, there have been great solutions, but they may not be needed or work, in our current household.

Such as, not everyone has small children all the time. Or, sometimes you might make a small toy area for grand babies. Life changes and situations arise, that we need to remain flexible, but you can switch up your organizational tactics or tuck away different ideas as needs arise. We don’t currently need small toy storage (as we now have a horse crazy ten-year old daughter) but we will need to come up with some in the next several years…as our oldest is married, and may have grand babies for us!

Since my man enjoys things neat and put away as much as I do, he built our current home with wonderful storage areas! Our home is quite small, so it has been a must. I do use several of the tips and tricks I’ve written about, here on Your Organized Life, in our home. We have nice baskets inside the cupboards in our entryway. One for gloves, one for hats, one for scarves, and one for work type gloves. It is built into a shoe shelf, that holds all of our shoes perfectly and then has large storage cupboards above, for those large, awkward sized appliances, such as my Crock-pot and large turkey roaster. Everything is well organized and easy to access when needed!

chalkboardI Love Labeling, And I Label Everything!

I had written a review about the DYMO labeler. I love it! I use my labeler on a weekly basis for sure. I really like to have clear containers and glass jars, to easily see contents. But, I still like to have the containers labeled, so everyone knows exactly what goes back into the container, if it happens to get empty. Yes, I’ve been made fun of for labeling the Cheerio container “Cheerios.” But if it goes empty, and I’m not around…everyone will know how to refill it! So I’m OK with them poking some fun at my compulsion to label. It makes like more efficient, and I LOVE the look of items labeled in my pantry, medicine cabinet, cupboards, refrigerator and freezer! Such a clean, organized look and feel!

I know some people prefer the closed, box/bin type of storage, as to the clear look. The reasoning here is, that they don’t want to see the various items inside, and would just rather it all be labeled for ease of knowing it’s contents. I’m OK with this, and I done it for others’ homes. I just personally prefer the quick, at a glance, ease of clear boxes, jars and bins.

Inside Cupboard Storage, YES!

I definitely take advantage of the wonderful storage I can get from the inside of a cupboard door. In my kitchen, Iwax-paper have three removable adhesive hooks that I hang my different cleaning cloths from. It works fantastic! In the past, I’ve needed to use that space for storing plastic wrap, aluminum foil and plastic bags. I currently have a drawer for them all.

I’ve also used hooks in the past, to hang my dish cloth and dish towel on. I usually change things up, depending upon my house and space; to be the most efficient and organized as I can be! I’ve never used an inside the cupboard door garbage can, but I sure will if we ever need the efficiency of it. I think it’s a wonderful use of space! Garbage cans can often be in the way and take up valuable real estate in a home!

I Love My Double Hanging Racks In My Closet

My husband built the double hanging closet racks I’ve told you about. They really helped to increase my clothes hanging area, and they keep me from having any wasted closet space. I still have an area for full length clothes, such as dresses and long jackets, but we do love our double storage in one!

I don’t always have everything exactly where it needs to be. There are certainly times of crazy life and being swept away by circumstances; that I am unable to keep up on every detail as well as I’d like. But for the most part, the majority of the time; yes, I live this organized life! I love it!

If you have any questions or have any trouble areas that I could possible help you organize, please leave a comment below and I’d love to help you out!


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Shelli Thomas


  1. Shelli – I have seen first-hand how you live this “Organized Life” and it inspires me to want to do the same! It’s not stuffy, legalistic, uncomfortable or obsessive – its just… organized! Everything is in its proper & convenient place, the clutter is reduced and it leaves a comfortable space that feels like even I could manage it! Keep up the great tips! 🙂

    • Awe…thank you so much my dear friend! It’s a joy to share it with you. You too, are an organized lady with a warm, welcoming, wonderful home! Glad you’re here. Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. Very informative article Shelli. I’m not very organized. Here’s my problem when I try to organize my house, I can’t find anything. As the old saying goes, “There’s method to my madness.” I guess I need to write down where I put things so I know where to find them in the future.

    I like your suggestions for organizing one’s house. I’m not a slob, that doesn’t work for me either. I could use improvement in this area of my life.


    • Perhaps you have organized chaos! I encourage you to slowly use the tips and ideas to achieve your goals. Just keep at it, little by little. What areas are a challenge for you?

  3. I love this article! Very well said, I too love being organized but, having a large family it’s pretty hard to keep everyone and there things in order. Although, I do not own the clear containers. I do love the look.

    They give me the same feeling a clean and organized look. Problem is the clear containers I come across are always expensive.

    I love labeling too. When I learned to use my little label machine. I would label all my kids school containers. It really came into handy when I was homeschooling. I loved reading your post because, organizing is something I am constantly working on. I look forward to reading more of your post! Thank you, for sharing. Have an awesome day!

    • I home school also, so I realize how important it is to be organized! I posted an Amazon link that has the clear containers at a reasonable price. Check it out! Thanks for commenting!

  4. This is going to be great ~ 2018 will be the year! Thanks for the wonderful posts and GREAT ideas!

  5. Your organization. thoughtfulness and willingness to help others is a blessing to all who know you! Thank you, my friend, for all you do for soo many people!

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s so fun to share all of these ideas I’ve acquired through the years. I hope you maybe you can find a tips or two to help in your world! I appreciate your comments!

  6. I love getting things organized and I love your tips but I still have a lot to learn (especially about organizing clothes and shoes). I like to label things too and it has been really helpful I must say.Looking forward to your articles.

  7. Wow! Your home sounds mega-organised. I would love mine to be that organised but find my children have taken after their father and just tend to drop things where they are standing. I’m working on getting them to put things away the first time but feel like I am fighting a losing battle with teenagers! I find my way to deal with their cesspits (AKA bedrooms) is to close the door so I don’t need to see it as I walk past. What small steps can I take to get my children to start putting things away around the house so I don’t keep losing my cool?

    • Great question Megan! I would suggest consistent training, as follow through always works best with children. I try to be very clear as to my wishes and expectations. Be sure to provide a place for everything to be organized, first and foremost. Then, make your desires very clear. Post them in writing if need be. Then it’s simple. If they leave things out, either donate them, or throw them away! This may sound harsh; but if you’re clear and concise up front, there is no excuse. They knew the consequences of their actions beforehand. It should only take once…or twice!

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