Yes! Being Organized Can Help You Lose Weight

Jan.-1With so many New Year’s resolutions that deal with a weight loss intention, I thought I’d shed some light on the aspect of being organized to help lose weight! We’ve already discussed clearing the clutter and chaos for the New Year, so now let’s talk advantages for shedding some of those extra pounds that have accumulated; along with that clutter.


An Organized Environment Can Be Key In Weight Loss

The kitchen can be an extremely distracting environment, that can cause stress and reduce yourdirty-kitchen ability to slim down. If the counters are full of those “piles” of things to take care of, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and the cupboards are exploding with plastic containers that have taken over; it can quickly get overwhelming to the point that you are easily nudged to seek comfort from the chaos in a quick snack from the pantry, that you close behind a door.

A study of 100 women at Cornell University, recently concluded that “stressful and chaotic food environments” can cause people to seek out high-calorie snacks. This affirmed a 2013 study that discovered people in tidy rooms chose healthier snacks than those surrounded by chaos. Many books have been saying for years that; keeping an orderly environment and planning ahead can be just as critical in slimming down; as sticking to a reduced-calorie diet and an exercise routine.

It Helps To Clear The Mental Clutter

Counselors have known for some time that their clients need to clear clutter from their homes, to help clear their mental chaos. When people are always overwhelmed, feel behind and like they can never catch up; it causes stress. When people are chronically stressed, the body creates a surge of hormones that actually increase cravings and hunger throughout the day!

A cluttered and messy home can cause harm to the ability to even plan. Discipline is impaired by all the over stimulation, visual chaos and constant distraction of things needing to be done. People begin to feel out of control in all areas of life, as they can’t keep control of the mess in their own home. It kind of gives them the go ahead to overeat whatever is within reach, like high-calorie junk food. This is turn, leaves them feeling more ashamed and overwhelmed.

Organize That Fridge And Pantry!

I’ve written previous articles to help you get the refrigerator and pantry organized. It’s VERY important, when trying to stick to a routine of a healthy lifestyle. Having the fridge cleared out of left over pizza and sweetsie cola, is a must. Instead, fill the icebox with clean, cut veggies, 100% peanut butter, and fresh fruit that can all be grabbed quickly at a time of snacking emergency!

almondsNuts are a wonderful source of protein that will stick with you longer than some fried chips or cookies. Purge your pantry of oil laden chips and junk food, and fill it with a variety of tree nuts, peanuts, homemade granola and dried fruits. Don’t keep the empty, high-calorie, quick foods in the house.


Don’t forget the freezer! Fill it with single serving meals or things to be grabbed quickly, such as frozen vegetables, that can be easily thawed and eaten, without preparation. When you do have time to cook, make some extra soup or whatever you’re preparing, to throw into the freezer for the instances when you’re short on time. Always keep a running list on the side of the freezer, to have an inventory of its contents.

Clear Your Work Space

I’ve expressed previously on this site; my love of a clear counter top. It’s not only visually pleasing, but it is extremely practical! When your counter space is piled high with papers and cluttered with unused appliances, you are more likely to feel too overwhelmed to pull out a cookbook to make a counter-tophealthy recipe. It seems much easier to order in pizza or Chinese food.

With the hardly-ever-used appliances tucked away in a large cupboard, you free space to work. Put the cookie jar far from reach! Now, space is created for the wonderful cutting board to chop vegetables, and the Vita-Mix to blend a healthy soup or fresh juice.
The easier it is to prepare and cook healthy food, the more likely you will be to take the time to create delicious, nutritious meals, instead of grab a drive-thru or order in.

Snack Attack

snacksBe prepared ahead of time for a snack attack. Being intentional in your snacking, can save your figure! Make wise purchases at the grocery store. Like I mentioned before, nuts. But also be intentional when eating them. Don’t just grab a big jar of nuts and sit on the couch. When you first return from shopping; divide the nuts into individual portion baggies. Then, when you get an attack, simply grab the appropriate portion of nuts. 12 almonds have about 100 calories.

Also, keep all the healthy snacks front and center in both the refrigerator and pantry. That way, you won’t be digging behind five kinds of cookies, to find a bag of cashews! Eliminate the extreme variety. Find a salty snack you love and a healthier, sweet snack (like dried apricots or even prunes). It’s always difficult to choose what to eat, when there are too many unhealthy choices. Keep it simplified.
If you can keep the portions controlled, you can still have most foods you enjoy. By organizing the snack-bowlamount you eat, you can see great health benefits. Keep a pre-measured amount of each snack item. Another way is keeping a measuring cup in larger containers of cereal, crackers etc. Only take a scoop at a time, and use a separate bowl. Never eat chips, crackers, nuts, etc., straight out of the jar or bag. That’s just good training for anyone wanting to stay healthy and not over eat. We even do this with our daughter; who certainly doesn’t need weight loss.

Tidy Up The Laundry Area

Keeping your laundry room clear of clutter can also go a long way to helping you see success in a healthy life style. Especially if you’re doing daily exercise and using work out clothing. These clothes can pile up and cause more stress, if the laundry room is a complete war zone!

laundry-roomClear unneeded items in the laundry room. Only keep items there for washing your clothes. If the laundry detergent and fabric softener don’t really have a home, try an over the door rack to hold these items. A nice clear space will be more inviting to keep up with the wash and not let it take over. Dirty workout clothes just provide an excuse to avoid the gym!

I hope this has helped you see that yes, being organized really can, help you lose weight!

Please let me know what you think of this article by leaving a comment below. I’d also love for you to share this on your social media with all of your friends that might need to start on their organizational journey. Thanks!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve made a decision to lose weight but I’m looking for a cake if there is not I’m nervous. I started to exercise, I believe it’s a good way.
    These are good advice, I will follow you.
    Best regards

    • Haha! You must really like cake. There are actually several diet cake recipes out there. Just google Diet Cake Recipes! I’m thrilled to hear you’re wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle. Please let me know how it goes!

  2. Thank you so much for the advice. I am planning to shed few pounds. I am glad I came to your website. I need to get my kitchen and my bedroom organized. When you said that clear clutter helps clear mental chaos, I totally agree with you. In fact, I get so stressed and overwhelmed when my house is in a chaos. But once I get everything organized, I become more productive and able to focus more. Thanks a lot for the information. I learned a lot.

    • Thank you so much for your comments Hong! Yes, it really can relieve a lot of stress when your home is a clean and clutter free sanctuary, instead of a chaotic war zone. It helps keep peace in your mind and body. I hope you’ll look all around my site and glean from some of my experience.

  3. Thank you for your great blog post and valuable tips! I really enjoyed the read. Agree with you that being well organized is a 50% of success, not only regarding diet but in any activity or work. For some people, it’s a difficult task and I understand that. But, ones you see good results of being well-organized, you’ll continue to invest some of your time and efforts in order to achieve your goals. In fact…. Diet is about changing some (bad or not) habits.

    Thanks again,

    • Exactly! It makes such a huge difference in the efficiency of our daily lives and routines. I hope that you’ve discovered some ideas that can help you move toward a more organized life!

  4. Thanks for sharing these great tips!
    It is fascinating how much chaos in the house (not just the kitchen and laundry area) can make us wish to eat outside or order take out. And most of the times it is unhealthy food.
    A cluster free kitchen inspires me to cook more and the probability to try healthy recipes is higher 🙂

    • Absolutely! It’s pretty amazing how much difference it can truly make. I hope you will use some of these tips to move toward a more organized life!

  5. Hi Shelli, What great advice. I did a big turn-out the other day. Decided I really don’t need to cook so much, would rather paint, so cleared a kitchen cupboard to store my painting things instead. Much more fun. Can think more clearly when all is neat and clean. Kind regards, Jill

    • It really does make a difference, doesn’t it? I love the clean and clear feeling you get when purging an area and re purposing it! I hope you continue in your organizational journey and keep creating!

  6. I’m very disorganized by nature. They say a cluttered mind leads to a cluttered environment, echoing what you’ve said. It makes sense that being disorganized leads to a lack of focus, so whatever goal you set for yourself, be that weight loss or anything else, you won’t achieve it because your attention will eventually be pulled elsewhere. Now if only I could become organized enough to become organized! 🙂

    • Just start at the beginning! It takes being intentional, but it truly does help save time, energy and money! I hope you’ll take a look around at some of my other posts to help get you started on your organizational journey!

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