Before Your Organizational Journey Begins…

Keep It Real

Keep-it-realDifferent people all have differing ideas of what being organized looks like. What does it look like to you? Where did you formulate that perspective? Did it come from your mother? Your grandma? Your best friend? The displays at the furniture store? Many people have different motivations that are driving them to be neat and tidy. Some may be very unhealthy, and others may be quite unrealistic. Really analyze your motivations and try to keep your expectations under control, or you’ll be setting  yourself up for failure; before you even get started.

Most of us have real lives. We need to be able to live in our homes. We need to be able to be comfortable, and it needs to be functional. It’s great to have a style in mind and goals to reach for, but don’t set the bar so high that it is impossible to reach. Please don’t expect to keep your home as organized as Aunt Patty. She lives alone with her cat and sits in one chair to read most of the day. Naturally, her house is neat as a pin, without an item out of place. She never even enters the dining room; let alone ever has to reorganize a play room that just exploded into a war zone! Keep it real.

Get Mentally Prepared

I’ve spoke on this before a bit; but it’s critical. You really need to be mentally prepared to deal with all of your stuff. The possessions we own, really do tell a lot about us. Whether it is family heirlooms,heirloom or just our daily wardrobe. Our stuff speaks to our priorities and can reveal what is most important to us. Some of our things have been with us a long time. Journeying through moves and new homes. Some have made several “cuts”.
I’ve dealt with several people that need to take a lot of time and put in planning and forethought before they can tackle a project of organization. They need to wrap their brains around the idea of letting some things go, that have extreme emotional attachment.
I’ve had counselors recommend to people that they get some help from me. That they have me come in and help them deal with the clutter that is weighing them down, and encourage them to get free of the chaos in their homes and minds!
Even if you hire a professional organizer, or you simply have a close friend come to cheer you on while you sort through things; you ultimately have to make the final choices. No one else can make the decisions of what you are willing to part with, and what you desperately want to keep. If you are going to start this journey toward your organized life…you need to get emotionally prepared, and get involved in this wonderful cleansing process!

This Is A Journey…

Your organized life, will not occur overnight. It is a process. You need to be prepared to dedicate some time to the process of organizing all the problem areas of your life. There’s no real way to rush through it. Slow and steady wins the race.

processYou want to be thorough and make sure that everything has a proper home, so you have sustainability in this adventure. If you simply straighten things up, to make it appear tidy and in order; yet things are stuffed and crammed, you will be right back to square one in no time.
Pace yourself. Set goals. Make the time for organizing to be a priority. If you do, you will have long term success. With that success; you will save time, energy, and money! This site has many ideas, tips, and strategies to go step by step through the process of this wonderful journey you’ve decided to take!

This Doesn’t Have To Cost Money

There are truly amazing organizational tools and helps available to us today. From closet organizers, to baskets, bins, and hooks. But…you can get creative with what you already have in your home.

Re purposing and old box, basket or bag; can be a fantastic way to help clear clutter and getstorage-box organized. It feels great to be creative and turn something you were done using; into something useful and functional! It’s also a great way to help the environment and save more money!

Simple little changes can make a big difference in the functionality of your home. Perhaps taking those empty show boxes, and making them the storage boxes for your out-of-season shoes; to be labeled and popped up to that extra high shelf in the closet. Or just turning a table a new direction can make a room so much more efficient!

Face Emotions And Embrace Change

broken-heartWe can have so many emotions all caught up in our possessions! Purging and cleansing, can be a wonderful way to detox our homes and our hearts. Some of it can be tough; such as eliminating a gift from an ex-boyfriend, or that way-too-small sweater from Grammie Annie. Sometimes; getting organized can actually help us identify some unhealthy triggers that we don’t want showing up later, so it’s best to deal with it now.

Some of the toughest exteriors, can be brought to tears over the tiniest thing, when emotions are tied to the item. Getting organized can extract some underlying emotions to get us free and clear of clutter and chaos in our minds and homes. It might be challenging and take a few deep breaths and wipe away tears, but I encourage you to walk in slowly and gently through this journey.
Being organized is about having systems in place to allow you to dance seamlessly through your day. If your days have been feeling out of control and chaotic, now is the time to grab a hold and clear the clutter! I’ve always told my children, anything worth doing, is worth doing well.
Have realistic expectations, get mentally prepared, know that this journey will take some time, be creative and have fun with your new organized life (it doesn’t have to be expensive,) and face those emotions and embrace the change of your organized life and this wonderful journey!


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Shelli Thomas


  1. This post is awesome Shelli. I need to share this with my wife right away. I am the kind of guy that could pack his entire life into a duffel bag and my wife is a borderline hoarder. I really like that you have adressed the emotions in it all, I really think that is what the problem is for her. Thank you for all this great information.

    • I really hope my site can help your wife. It can truly be a sensitive issue and it’s a process. WE need to get our minds mentally prepared ahead of time. Take it nice and slow. I’ve written several articles that lay out how to go about starting the journey step by step, so look around here a bit! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hi, I have read one of your articles before and being organized is not bad once you do it. But help you if you have allowed everything to become a mess and then you are trying to organize.
    I am fortunate that I always have like to have my home organized because I hate tight spaces. So I keep everything in a plan sort to speak so that my areas are roomy.
    For all my bills and other things I have my payment schedules mapped out on a calendar and they get paid like clockwork. But it is a process that you must establish and follow and it becomes second nature from there. I enjoy what you write about. Thanks.

    • Thank you Ronnie! Yes. Getting organized up front can take awhile and be a process, but maintaining it is quite easy, if your have things set up efficiently!

  3. Wow great article, an awesome way to be happy is to be organized!
    Keep up the good work

  4. I love organizing, cointainers and folders are my thing! But one of the things that I always face is that I don’t want to throw something away because it has “sentimental” value. How do you recommend that I find a way to throw these things out? Cause I never look at them anyway!

    • Thanks for the comment and great question! Sentimentality can be a tough thing. Oftentimes, our emotional attachment can be strong to things. I’ve written other posts pertaining to this, so I suggest you browse around and get other tips. As far as how to throw these items away; I encourage you to ponder if you know of anyone else that may benefit from them. Perhaps its Great Grandma’s tea pot. Maybe your niece that is about to get married, would really enjoy that piece of family history! Try to think of friends that may also enjoy different items you may need to get rid of. Re purposing things help to let go a lot easier than just throwing them away! Even donating them to a charity, for those less fortunate to benefit, is wonderful! Let me know how it goes!

  5. Thanks for a very interesting post. I can relate with a lot of that.
    I used to be guilty of keeping things for the sake of it, because I’d had them a long time. But they were just sitting there collecting dust and serving no purpose anymore. Now I’m getting better at de-cluttering when need be.
    I will definitely be coming back to this site for tips in the future.

    • I’m glad to hear that you’re already on your journey! Keep it up. Yes, please come back to visit or look around more for tips and ideas to keep organizing!

  6. This is great advice. I started reorganizing and I have to be honest it is really hard to get rid of stuff. Some of them are from my high school time and take a lot of space. I wasn’t prepared when I started and it probably would have helped me if I was more prepared. I think I need more time to embrace the change as you say. I currently looking for options on how to repackage them so they will take less space.

    • I love that you recognize the need to sort through, and save some space. That’s a huge first step. If you can kind of mentally sort through things first, then when you actually tackle the project, it will be easier. Try to come up with containers to possibly reduce the size of things, but be realistic, as to what you need to keep. Maybe some large. Clear Rubbermaid bins would be useful. They stack nicely and can be stored in a basement or even crawl space. Let me know how it goes and feel free to come back and ask any questions that may come up. I’d love to help in any way I can!

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