That Just Makes Organizational Sense

There are just so many things in this world, that make absolutely NO sense to me. Such as:pink-lemonade

Pink Lemonade. Lemonade is made with artificial flavoring, yet furniture polish contains real lemon juice. Why do “tug” boats, push barges? Why do people say “Heads Up!” when you should duck down? I could go on and on. For this article, I’d like to share with all of you, several ideas and things that DO make sense. Things that make wonderful sense as you move forward on your organizational journey with me!

Magnetic Knife Strip

knivesI have to admit, I fought my husband on this one for some time. I wanted my knives in the drawer, not out on display. I knew I didn’t want them in a big block on my counter (you know I like clear counter space), but I didn’t think I’d like the look of the various knives out in my kitchen.

Out of practicality, I agreed to a magnetic knife strip next to the stove in the home my husband built for us. I love it! It’s so easy to grab a knife for chopping and cutting when I’m at the counter. As well…It looks great! I keep them all in a particular order (I’m kinda that way) and it works! I’m so glad I compromised with my man and it worked wonderfully! I no longer have to worry about getting dull knives in a drawer, or slipping each one into their individual protective sleeves. That just makes sense!


Drawers In Front Of Sink

Have you seen these? I remember the first time I saw someone open that little “wasted space” section above thesink-drawers under the sink cupboard, and they had little drawers that leaned out and help their scraper, sponge and small scrub brush. I thought. “How wonderful!” What a great use of space and a perfect way to “hide” those little items we all need in our sinks, to do our job. We do not have these in our current home, so I use a little suction cup holder for all of my little supplies. But I really do think the drawers are the way to go. That just makes sense!


Use Back Splash Space

counter-basketsSometimes I’ve seen some decorative things hanging in the area above counter tops. Something maybe like a pot holder, photo or a cute little saying that says, “Kiss the Cook.” This is valuable real estate, and can be used to help free you counter space for needed chopping, slicing, stirring and whisking. Just a simple little raised counter space makes a big difference. You can use this elevated area to store coffee mugs, canisters, etc. It also works well to hang some baskets win the back splash space, and they can be filled with spices, utensils, even rolled dish towels or cloths. It’s just a very practical way to gain space, and it can look very nice and decorative too! That just makes sense!


Chalkboard Paint Inside Cabinets

I love this one! I first saw it at a friend’s house a few years ago. The entire inside length of both of her pantry doors were painted with chalkboard paint. She had her ongoing grocery list in one are, and it was the family calendar area in another. She had a sweet note written from her hubby inside a cute heart in one corner. I just thought it was precious!

Chalk used to freak me out. Actually…it still does. It’s MESSY, dusty, smeary and yucky! But nowadays, you can get chalk pens that look and work fantastic! Problem solved. Chalkboard paint can be applied to almost anything, anywhere. Painting the inside of the cabinet next to the refrigerator, is such a great place to keep the ongoing kitchen inventory and grocery list. You can also paint a portion of a full length pantry door, and post your calendar above it, so family members can make notes and post reminders all in one station! That just makes sense!


Vertical Bake Ware Organizer

vertical-organizerThis is another good one. I don’t know if you’ve seen the simple wire bake ware organizers. They DO work great for organizing pie plates, casserole dishes, etc. But…if you take this organizer, which is intending to stand vertically, and turn it on end and secure it with cable clips; it works great for large frying pans also! They do have pan organizers, but this works well for some of those large pans you may have.

Sometimes it’s amazing how we can convert something that was intended for one purpose, and make it work great! Keep that in mind while organizing around your home. You don’t want to have to go out and buy a bunch of new organizing accessories. Use some things you already have around the house, and re purpose them. A basket or even a cup, can turn into a wonderful organizational tool! Simply turning the bake ware organizer on it’s end, transforms its purpose! That just makes sense!


Make Use Of That Wasted Space In Corner Pantry

Sometimes corner pantries can be a challenge. If they go floor to ceiling, they can have a lot of wasted space. My husband designed one for me shortly after we were married, and he put shelves on one side and the back, leaving the one side free for broom and mop storage. Brilliant!

If you have shelves all the way across, or shelves going up both sides coming out of the corner, items can oftentimes get shoved way in the back and out of sight to be forgotten and wasted. An incredibly simple solution is turntables. Installing large spinning turntables works perfectly for gaining access all the way around, into the deep corners of your pantry. You can place one in the middle of the corner of each shelf. You will still have space on the sides, but this is such a fabulous space saver for those hard to reach areas. That just makes sense!



  • Place cleaning products in a plastic caddy, instead of on the shelf in a cupboard. Then just grab the tote to takecaddy from room to room when cleaning!
  • Have every family member pick up items off of floor and put things away for 10-15 minutes every evening after dinner. You can even make it a competition!
  • Keep 2-3 new plastic garbage bags in the bottom of your garbage can, so you can just grab a new bag when the can gets emptied!

That just makes sense!
I hope that you’ve been able to grab onto one or more of these sensible ideas and will apply it to your home and your organized life! Please comment below and let me know what you plan to incorporate into your world and if you have any questions, I’m happy to help if I can!




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Shelli Thomas


    • Oh thank you! I’m so glad you found ideas that will help you. What are you thinking you will incorporate into your organizational life? I really appreciate the comment. Please visit again, as I plan to carry on with my sharing of ideas and tricks to help organize your life!

  1. Hi Shelli,
    Great post, I really like the idea of hanging things on the back-splash vs all the clutter. And it seems like every year they come up with some new appliance that wants to hog the precious counter space. Instant Pot comes to mind for this year.
    All the best for the New Year,

    • Haha! Yes. Instant Pot for this for sure. My mom bought one for our son and his wife, and I thought, “wow, that’s a slick appliance…where would I keep it?” I do like my counters pretty clean and uncluttered. I’m glad you found a tip that might work for you. I plan to keep the tips and ideas coming, so please check back soon! Thank you very much for the great comment.

  2. Thanks for a make sense article.

    We are building our new house and the kitchen will be ready in around 2 months. What a great time to come across this article. I love things to be organized, but I am not perfectionist who needs everything to be tidy. But these organizational tips are sure great. I always love to read tips on how to do things more efficiently.

    I especially liked the chalkboard in your cupboards. Never would have come up with that idea! But I can see how that can be a great organizer itself, instead of having papers and notes all around. I disregard notes on the refrigerator strongly, so this is a good thing to avoid all that.

    All the best,

    • Congrats on the new house Oscar! That is such an exciting time. I am thrilled that you found some helpful tips here. I have several articles that will help you with your new home organization. Keep checking back, as I will continue to write posts that I hope will help you and your family stay organized! Thank you for the great comments, I really appreciate it!

  3. I love love love this post. Kitchens hold a lot of items, from pots to utensils, to food items, and sometimes there just isn’t enough space. These organizational ideas are great. I love the knife magnetic strip, from the image it looks nice and it is out of reach of small ones. I also love the vertical bakeware organizer, that is where I run out of the room. I think I have too much bakeware and containers. I will invest in one of those. I am so glad I ran into this post. Thanks for the info!

    • Thank you Melissa! I’m super glad you found this post too! I wish I could come over and help you go through those containers. Just really access which ones you use regularly and what you can live without! Maybe store some in another location for awhile, to see if you can live without it, if you don’t use it for a month…get rid of it! Please come check out my site again, I plan to continue sharing my thought and ideas!

    • Hi Crystal! Absolutely. There are several ways to use pegboards in your kitchen. Sometimes they are not really attractive, so my favorite way is to use chalkboard paint, to make it trendy. You can simply cover a portion of the wall, and attach your utensils with one of my faves…S hooks! Another great use of pegboard, is to lay in inside a drawer. Then use dowels to help separate things for organizing and making compartments; like lids can even stand up! That’s a real space saver. Peg board for kitchen utensils also works wonderful inside a cabinet or pantry door. This way, it is out of sight and very neat and clean looking!
      Thank you so much for the question. I hope you’ll visit again, as I will continue to write about ways to organize your life!

  4. I liked this article. The thing about lemonade made me chuckle. You know, I used to live in a flat the size of a postage stamp and actually used a washing line in the kitchen to hang up cookware. Worked prettty well. I used the magnetic knife strips too. Look forward to reading more, cheers

    • Thank you so much! I’m super happy you liked it and it even made you laugh. Mission accomplished! I hope you’ll return to read more posts, I will continue to add ideas and tips to keep you organizing! I appreciate your comments.

  5. These organising ideas are just wonderful. The baking racks, I have never seen them before and the running backsplash holders are awesome. Before this all I use is sterlite containers… really looking forward to some more of your organising ideas

    • Thank you! I hope that you can put some of the ideas into action. I plan to continue posting about different ways to organize all aspects of life, so I hope you’ll come back for a visit again soon!

  6. Shelli, I am so glad you found my site because now I have found yours. I love organization. My other website is actually Organizing Spaces at https://cleananddesignonadime.com/ if you decide to check it out. I’ll definitely be revisiting yours. We can be website twins!. I absolutely love the tips about the under the sink drawers (I didn’t even know that was a thing), and the chalkboard paint.

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