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In our lives, we seem to have so much. So much stuff, so much laundry, so much to do, so much to eat, so much we shouldn’t eat, so much on our schedules and plates! But we don’t have; so much time and energy to manage it all! If we streamline our lives, and get it more organized, we can be so much more effective and efficient. When we have less and do less…we have more time and space. Not only in our surroundings, but in our minds as well!     

Prioritizing Is First Thing!

It’s really important to, as we go through our homes, lives and schedules; to set priorities. With our priorities in place, we can decide what we need, what we want, and what we are going to do! Ask yourself what the end goal is in becoming more organized in all areas.

Do you want more space in your home?wasting-time

  • Are you wanting to know where to find everything?
  • Are you tired of re-buying items you know you already own?
  • Are you exhausted from the moment you see your chaos?
  • Do you want to stop wasting time and money?

How Much Space Do You Really Have?

Has space become an issue? Or has space ALWAYS been an issue? I realize that some people are in very small spaces, beyond their control. Perhaps temporarily or for some time. If it is by choice, they are most likely, quite organized; as it takes organization to thrive in small spaces.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your not having enough space, you probably have too much stuff! It’s time to really evaluate all that you have and what you really need.  Many have a full house, bulging at the seams, and a storage shed to boot! Things literally rotting away and losing money.  Even things within the home that are being wasted and not used. Items in the basement, attic, or just shoved under this or that or behind here or there!


Our Things Can Have A lot Of Attachments

Going through possessions can be more difficult for some than others. It can be a very emotional experience, as messy-housemany material possessions can carry attachment for a variety of reasons for many.

Some people have to mentally prepare to release certain items with strong emotional feelings. Some never can. Keeping sentimental items can be a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong! But it can reach the extreme in many cases. Keeping the watch your great-grandfather gave you to give to your firstborn son; is very special. Keeping the 6 bags of clothes that your tall, thin grandfather wore; when you are short and stocky…not such a good plan! Going through each item and thoroughly analyzing its worth is very important. It’s worth monetarily and emotionally.

    A Cheerleader Really Can Help!need-cheerleader


Sometimes as we are feeling quite overwhelmed, and not knowing where to start… It’s great to have someone come in alongside us and be an encouragement. A cheerleader so to speak! It can be quite amazing. Just to have a friend or family member come in and help us make some of those tough decisions. They don’t have to be controlling or demanding; but simply  encouraging.

Going through a kitchen drawer…noticing 6 melon ballers. Holding them up, “do you NEED 6 of these?” Two people cook in the kitchen. “Ok. Choose four, your four favorites”. Or…”which two do you use the least?” “Ok. Now choose the two very best ones.” “Ok. You can keep that third one for its slightly different size.” See? We just cut the melon baller collection in half!

It may have taken awhile to discuss, because Great Aunt Ethel gave the now-worn-and-rusty one as a wedding gift…but it hasn’t been used in 28 years! Many things have a story. And that’s ok. It’s taken a long time to build up all the clutter and chaos. It can take time to get cleared out and organized.

Start With Baby Steps And Realistic Expectationsjust-the-beginning

Take very small bites to begin with. When your entire world is feeling overwhelmed and you have NO idea what to do or how to even begin…start small. Pick one area. I encourage you to start at the BEGINNING. The beginning place where you first enter your home. Your sanctuary. If you walk in your front door to a heap of mismatched shoes, a pile of hats, gloves and scarves, and an overloaded coat rack with mail piled below it on the what-was-supposed-to-be the shoe shelf…it can cause IMMEDIATE mental chaos. So I encourage you to start there. At the beginning.

Not Enough Storage

Homes without proper or adequate storage is a very common problem. But, I do have to say, when I go into people’s homes to help out, I usually find that the storage areas they DO have, are being used very ineffectively! (Notice the nearly empty shelf in the photo above).

This is an easy problem to have occurred, as I’ve discovered that when we have too many things, they oftentimes get shoved here, piled there, and misplaced regularly. And the chaos ensues. Start with cleaning out and accessing ANY and all storage spaces you may have. That way, you will have a place to put the things that are a priority for you and your family to have and keep.


  • Limit the number of coffee cups you have (everyone has WAY too many!) this will make room to shift things in the kitchen.
  • Limit the number of sheet sets, pillowcases and “extra” blankets. (Nearly every family has an abundance).
  • Limit the number of towels and wash cloths in the official linen cupboard or closet. Store the older ones another place for emergencies, rags, covering etc..
  • Thoroughly go through ALL coats, hats, mittens and gloves. You may gain alot of space here! Donate nice items to a local charity in need!
  • Condense all clothing to items that haven’t been worn, and fit, in the past year (with the exception of: rarely worn special occasion items, such as a suit for a funeral).
  • Thoroughly analyze all used kitchen items, such as extra glassware, dishes, serving items, etc..

There! You’ve already gained ALOT of space. Now, you can start shifting and organizing the remaining things that are your priorities!

Thank you for including me on this journey to Your Organized Life!  I’d love to hear how it goes.  Please let a comment below or let me know if you have any questions along the way.  Please share this post with everyone you know who needs to join us for this fun adventure!


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Shelli Thomas


  1. My mom really needs to hear this post. She is a hoarder. She even has old toys from 25 years ago when my brothers and I were kids. Since they live with me, it is hard to convince her otherwise, but since she is my mom I don’t really argue with her. I called her a hoarder at one point and that was not a good move.

    • Thanks! Yeah…I guess we can all think of someone that needs to read things about getting organized. Maybe you can just gently share some of the tips!

  2. These are some really good tips on keeping things simple, organized, and less chaotic in your space! I, too, need less clutter in my space to have peace of mind. I recently just moved from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S., and really had to minimize my belongings to only what would fit in a small SUV (with my boyfriend’s stuff as well). I ended up giving away a lot of stuff that I didn’t need to my friends and family, and felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Some things, though, really are hard to de-tach from, but it’s really just stuff in the end that we can’t take with us. Your website has a lot of valuable information. Thank you for sharing!

    • You’ve experienced some big life changes recently!  Our stuff can carry a lot of emotional attachment, as so much of it has memories with it.  It can be very freeing and cleansing to let some things go and focus on relationships, which is our priority.  I’m happy that you’ve found my site and that is helpful to you.  I hope you will return and keep finding tips and tricks for your organized life!

  3. So far I link to organize things, my desk looks nice but my bedroom that is another story, what I have there is an organized mess if you know what I mean.
    I have been looking around and I see that there are many storage options other than the wooden closet and cupboards. I have a tendency to keep things for the sake of having something to remember. I also like to read the old-fashioned way so I have a lot of books also. Like you said I will try to start with what has priority and think of ways to make space. Looking forward to more of your articles.

    • Excellent! I’m loving that you are getting your priorities in order and evaluating what needs to be gone through and what you can possibly live without. Keep it up. Please come back and let me know how it goes, as you continue in to Your Organized Life!

    • Thank you! Yes, I do hope you’ll implement some of my tips and ideas to help get your spring organized! Search around my site and add several tricks that will help you through the process!

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