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organized-controlBeing organized is a wonderful feeling! It adds control and calm to your day.
When your home, schedule, and life are in chaos; everything seems to be OUT OF CONTROL! It can make trying to achieve the simplest task, seem nearly impossible.

People have a very hard time being motivated when they are overwhelmed; and simply do not know where to begin. Oftentimes our busy lives pick us up and carry us away. Instead of taking the time in the beginning to get everything where it needs to be; we tend to throw it where it lands, and move on to the more urgent task.

Taking time initially to get your surroundings organized, will help you be much more efficient on a daily basis and SAVE YOU TIME AND ENERGY! I know what you’re saying, “that sounds great, but where do I begin?” I always try to encourage everyone to start… at the beginning!

Take Small Steps at a Time

Looking at the entire project at once (especially if it is your complete house) can be overwhelming. Daunting. Tooorganize-magnify much to deal with. After clearing some space; as I suggested in a previous article: Simply Organize Your Life: Less Stress and Chaos, you can begin organizing a small area at a time. Now that you have some area to move things to another space, you’re in business! Attempt to organize the entry way area.

  • Clean out any trash or unneeded objects.

  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the entrance to your home.
  • Decide what needs to be there, and why it is a priority. Such as: Shoes, boots, gloves, hats, mitten, coats, umbrella, etc.
  • Sort through each item, and make sure it has it is match, if needed.
  • Sort through everything and make sure it is still in working condition and still fits its owner!

Begin Organizing and Prioritizing Items

Now that you’ve decided what to keep, and what you can live without, you can begin organizing! You want to be organized in a way that is the most efficient for you and your family. So, you need to consider the practical needs of those accessing this area. Do you have small children? If so, a lower coat rack will be nice. If not, a coat closet, higher rack, or coat stand will do.

It just depends on how mmessuch space you have. Many homes truly have NO space for outdoor gear in the entry way. If this is the case for you; you will need to find an alternate site for these items. Perhaps each family member will need to keep their items in their individual rooms. That works!

If space does allow, there are several great “space savers” you can use to help keep everything where it needs to be. As I often say, “a place for everything, and everything in it is place!” It’s almost impossible to stay organized, when there isn’t a place to put everything. It’s definitely impossible to get the kids to put their things away…when there is no place to put them!

These days, there are wonderful things made just to help us with this task. We can find any type, shape, size, color and style of helps. From wicker baskets, wooden bins, fabric boxes, cardboard shelves, metal baskets, to any number of plastic containers for storage. Literally, there are full aisles of them at the stores!

You can also find freestanding shelf units for installation to place items on. Or perhaps have something custom-built in for your available space. That really can make the best use of every available corner!

pantry organized
Everything tends to look much less cluttered when it is neatly put away, where it belongs. A heap of hats looks much nicer in a basket, then piled on a shelf or the floor. Even if it is in a clear bin and labeled appropriately. Limiting many of these items to the season you are currently in (and storing others away until needed) really helps.

Also, thoroughly analyze whether 5 stocking caps are REALLY needed to get through fall! Keeping one or two weather appropriate jackets near the door is sufficient. You can always walk to a bedroom or back closet if you need a special coat.

Labels, Labels, Labels!

Labeling is a must! Even when you have clear containers; labeling is critical. It helps one stay organized very well. Even when you are not there to put everything away, others are then able to help and stow everything in it is appropriate place. Especially in the kitchen!

Every room of the house benefits from proper labeling. Items in storage are critical to be detailed with labeling; so you are able to retrieve items when needed seasonally or otherwise. Especially if they are in cardboard boxes. A bold permanent marker will do the trick for cardboard boxes, but a label maker is WONDERFUL for organizing other containers, such as plastic or wooden bins. There are a variety of label makers available, with many types of font and colors. Also, you can make your own labels on the computer or with markers or even mini chalkboards!chalkboard



There’s Your Beginning!

So just remember…start at the beginning, where you first enter your home. When this initial area isn’t chaos; you will feel less overwhelmed, and able to tackle another area. Perhaps the hall closet and linen area! Maybe the extra bathroom or laundry area.

Having the entrance to your home well organized will give you a feeling of “winning” from the moment you enter your dwelling. When it is cluttered, messy and disorganized; you immediately feel overwhelmed and defeated when entering your own home. Your special place that is supposed to be your sanctuary, evokes feelings of anxiety and stress. With small steps toward eliminating the clutter and chaos, you will feel the ability and power to be able to take larger steps after setting your goals! You can do this!

Please leave a comment below or let me know if you have any questions and please share this post with anyone you know who might want to save time and energy! I’m anxious to hear how you start saving time and energy in Your Organized Life!





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Shelli Thomas


  1. Great run down on a quick way to declutter. I find it so hard to toss things sometimes even though I can almost guarantee I’ll never use them again. What are your thoughts on Marie Kondo’s books on decluttering? She seems to have the idea that if you don’t feel like you love an object you should just pitch it.

    • Thanks! I don’t think you have to love an object. Some things are just very useful and practical. But…if you can guarantee you’re not going to use something again…toss it!

  2. Excellent topic. One I’m sure everyone has thought of and with step by step layout of what a plan would include. The images used were also placed very well within your content. This is an article I will probably share. Excellent information .

  3. Wow. What a way to save time. If you are to succeed in business and in life organization is a key to time-saving. This is an eye-opener.Thank you so much

  4. Thanks for decluttering my life, Shelli!
    Being a single man for almost 3 years now and my house is starting to look like a mess. I can’t seem to throw items away thinking they will come in handy some day
    I will take your advice onboard and will let you know how I get along.
    Best regards, Jeff.

    • I’m so happy to hear it is helping Jeff!  Just remember to take small bits at a time.  Start at the beginning…where you first walk into the home.  Let me know if I can help along the way.  Please stay in touch!

  5. I love to be organised. I colour code my hanging clothes and always put the hangers the same way. My partner laughs at me but if I want a certain shirt etc, all I have to do is go to that colour hanger. So much easier than pawing through everything!

    However it is very hard when one’s partner just dumps things. And you can bet they will 1) always be in the way and 2) never be moved again. I now refuse to go into our shed as it is almost impossible to move. On top of this a tiger snake keeps visiting it and with so much junk it usually can’t be seen.

    I once worked on a cattle station. The children wouldn’t pick up their stuff. One day I told them if their toys were not put away they would end up in the station tip. They didn’t, the toys did and they got really upset. A couple of days later I took them to the tip to retrieve them. This worked! (By the way they were bagged and put in a ‘clean’ part of the tip!)

    From the comments here I guess many people need to organise so your advice will help them greatly.


    • Thank you for the comments Helen! Being organized sure does help simplify life and actually saves time and energy. I hope you’ll return to my site and keep getting tips and ideas to improve your already in place, organizational skills!

  6. This is great! I am starting with prioritizing and it is not easy I must say. I am in need of storage option and I will look into the ones you mentioned here. I would like for it to look nice also so I have to think about the design and colors. Do you know about the Cube Closet Organizers? I am looking into those too.

    • this is wonderful to hear. I love that you are moving into your organization journey. Cube Closet Organizers are fantastic! Any way that you can keep things in their own areas of organization, you will do well! Keep organizing!

    • Oh wonderful! I love hearing that this helped to motivate Your Organized Life! I hope you can make time to browse the rest of this site to get some other tips and ideas!

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