Review of Nirvana Futon Queen Frame Westfield Futon Set With 8-inch Mattress

Price: $625.00 + Free ShippingWestfield

Product description

• Solid hardwood constructed futon frame

• Three position – sofa, lounger, and bed

• Sofa height seating

• Queen size futon set easily converts into a standard queen size sleeper (60″W x 80″D)

• Heritage finish applied by expert artisans

• Eco-friendly futon frame uses only hardwoods from sustainable plantations

• Seat and back decks are finished for a more attractive piece

• 8″ thick futon mattress provide a medium to firm support

• Futon mattress made with multi layer of poly-cotton and four layers of high density foam

• Futon mattress is made in the USA

• Attached premium designer tufted covered futon mattress – prevents shifting and lumping of the internal contents

• Frame and mattress ships separately and may arrive at separate times

• Pillows not included
• Four year limited manufacturer’s warranty

• Futon frame crafted in Indonesia

• Assembly required Dimensions: Queen Sofa: 86″W x 32″D x 36″H Queen Bed: 86″W x 60″D x 24.75″H Arm Height: 24.75″

Futons are so versatile!

When we were first married, my husband and I owned a Futon. It was a great way to go, as we didn’t have a guest room, and the Futon converted our living room into just that! It was also very comfortable to sit on, and the guests were always comfy when we converted it to a bed. The problem we had with ours was, the mattress tended to “slip” off after a while. That was 28 years ago….these days the frames tend to be built much better and in a fashion that they no longer slip away. Also, you can buy non-slip material for the mattress, if it does become a problem!

Futons are great in the living room, as your main sitting area. They are also a very comfortable bed, for you or your house guests. They are excellent in the downstairs play room, as it works for sitting on to watch television, but converts into a bed, if the kids want o lay down, or have a sleepover. They also work well in a guest room. Folding up into a couch when you are not entertaining company, to give more space in the room.

Futons can be high quality and well-built.

There are many Futons out on the market today. Based upon all of my research, the Nirvana Brand Futon is exceptional in its field as far as being very sturdy and well-built. There are several models to choose from, and some have built in side shelves. The frames are made of solid hard wood, and have a four-year warranty, or sometimes more! They do come unassembled, so you’ll have to put it together. Most people find it easy to assemble, in about 2 hours. Though, I found a couple of people that had trouble with the directions, so that’s a con. But…some people just have a problem getting instructions from a page, to assembly. I know. I’m one of those people! I couldn’t even help our son with Lego projects that came with instructions. My mind just doesn’t work that way I guess!

Comfort, comfort, comfort

Review after review that I have read has raved about the comfort of this Futon mattress. A Futon needs to be well-built, functional, sturdy and you do want it to last and look nice. But let’s face it, its not good for anything if its not comfortable to sit on and sleep on for you, your friends and family! This futon makes the cut! In a wonderful way, as people truly enjoy their night’s rest on the Nirvana Westfield 8-inch mattress.

I highly recommend you get a Futon to help save space and keep your home functional and well organized! And I truly think you will be very happy with the Nirvana Westfield Queen Futon Set with 8-inch mattress! It’s well worth the extra money to get a high quality piece of furniture that lasts.
Please leave a comment or question for me below. I hope this review helps make your Futon buying choice easier.

Happy Organizing!nirvana



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Shelli Thomas


  1. Wow that looks so comfortable. My children had a futon in their room for company when they stayed over. Great for small spaces and versatile. We use to have the older style the mattress did get a bit lumpy but I think the new styles would be a lot more comfortable, durable and a lot more stylish. Great review.

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