Review Of Avanti Bottom Mount Frost Free Freezer/Refrigerator

Price: $617.55 + Free Shipping

closed-fridgeAfter sharing with everyone, how I love the bottom mount freezer/refrigerator, in my post on getting your refrigerator organized inside and out, I thought I’d do a quick review on the best current model out there, that I could find.
I just love this design of refrigerator! It’s wonderful how you can grab stuff from the bottom shelf of the fridge, with barely bending over. It makes such great sense to me. The freezer, that we get into much less often, is on the lower portion, where you need to bend down. It’s just flat smart!



5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars Ratings!

Everyone seems to feel the same way as me, once they try out this fridge. The reviews all say that is very quiet. That’s an excellent quality in a refrigerator, that’s for sure!

Here’s a list of its wonderful qualities:

  • Black with Stainless Steel Doors
  • Bottom Mounted Freezer Section
  • Adjustable/Removable Shelving
  • Glass Shelves in Refrigerator Section
  • Full Range Temperature Control
  • 120 volts
  • Capacity is 10.2 Cubic Feet
  • Product Dimensions: 27.2 X 24 X 60.5 inches

Energy Star Rated

Not only is this an energy star rated appliance, but it has a modern European design, with plenty of storage! Both, top and bottom doors are reversible for left and right opening. this is good to know up front, as sometimes it needs to be switched out. In our current small home, we had to flip our door’s opening, so it wouldn’t run into the stair railing! (Yes, we have a small amount of space…hence the reason I HAVE to stay organized).

The dual crisper has glass lids, which I find make for much easier cleaning. I also love the fact thatAvanti it has enough space for 2-liter bottle storage in the door! Excellent way to save space. And if you get the slim pitchers I had recommended, they will slip right into the refrigerator door, and leave room for other food items.

It’s really nice that this model actually has a beverage can dispenser, which holds 6, 12 ounce cans. I had suggested that you incorporate one of these to help create space on your shelves. This particular fridge…has it included! Isn’t that fantastic?

This type and design of refrigerator does not have a water dispenser. Though, I did find some Bottom Mount Refrigerators that did have them. I prefer to just get my water out of the tap, so I don’t have to worry about it sitting in tubing for long periods of time. I’ve also noticed, the more bells and whistles something has, that’s just more possibilities for things to go wrong and need repair.

I like to keep things pretty straight forward and simple. It lends itself to better organization and cleanliness over all. (Kinda my thing!) The less extra little pieces and parts to wear out, break off, and fall apart; the better. Appliances tend to last a lot longer, when they have invested the money and engineering into what it needs to do. A refrigerator needs to keep food cold and the freezer’s job is to keep items frozen. The Avanti does that perfectly!

I highly recommend this design and style of food storage and refrigeration. It’s clean design is uncluttered and less chaotic. It’s easy to wipe down the stainless steel. In addition, this particular model, the Avanti Bottom Mount Frost Free Freezer/Refrigerator has proven to be a tested winner!
I hope you’ll consider buying this product the next time you are in the market to purchase, or replace your fridge. I really think you will love it!

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If you do, please stop back by and let me know how much you love it. Please leave a comment below and if you have any questions, please ask! I look forward to hearing from you and knowing how this helps organize your life.

Happy Organizing!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. This looks like a great fridge/freezer option! You mentioned that it has adjustable shelves, is that for both the shelves in the fridge and the storage compartments on the door? I’m always needing to adjust my door shelves, but some fridges don’t include that option.

    • Yes Rosemary! They are both adjustable. Which you are correct, is an important feature, as we have a lot of different height items to deal with. Thank you so much for your comment. Are you in the market for a new fridge?

  2. This a very cool refrigerator. One thing you brought up that people should consider on almost every product is the bells & whistle additions only costing you grief in the long run. I am like you, I can do without them.

    • Thanks Ronnie! Yeah…I think a lot of great marketing convinces us we need a gadget and button for every little thing. When really, they just take up space and can become a maintenance nightmare. Keep it simple! If you look around my site a bit, I think you’ll find several tips and ideas you’ll enjoy. You’ve got the right mind set for sure!

  3. Neat fridge! I like how much organizational space it has, especially the 2-liters fitting in the side door. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Sarah! Thank you so much. Yes, the extra room in a side door is a wonderful feature for sure. I hope you get a chance to explore more on my website and get other great tips and ideas for Your Organized Life!

  4. Hi Shelli,

    I found you as I am exhausted with my fridge freezer! The stat is set to permanent SUPER FREEZING and so the tiny ice box is forever icing over frozen foods. I have to get a knife to that ice once every two weeks almost.

    This fridge you have recommended here looks lovely and what is the guarantee on it should break down or be delivered damaged?

    Thank you kindly and I will now discuss with the other half if we should get this one you offer (I hope she says yes, I really love that one lol) and I WILL certainly be back here very shortly if so.

    Take care and thanks again.



    • Hello Philip! It sure sounds like you’ve read this just at the right time. I’m sorry to hear about the super freezing situation. This is a great solution for you! My recommendation comes through Amazon, so the shipping is FREE and guaranteed to arrive in great condition. Their returns are easy and wonderful. You can purchase an extra 2 year protection plan for only $16.07 or a 3-year protection plan for $63.92. Please take a look at my post on getting that fridge organized inside and out also. I hope you are able to get this refrigerator from my site, as I said, the shipping is FREE!!! Thank you so much for the comment and question. Please let me know what the other half says!

  5. Wow! This looks really good! And yes, very well organized.
    Like you, I don’t prefer a water dispenser. I prefer my drinks warm. It is because I learned that cold drinks are not really good for health.
    Is there only one size for this type of refrigerator?

    • Thank you for your comment and question. Yes, I too have heard your water should not be too cold when consuming. There are various sizes in the Avanti brand to choose from, but not this exact model. Are you planning to buy a refrigerator soon?

  6. Nice review. I like that you write like someone who really understands what is important in a refrigerator and also bring out a few shortcomings. You have given me several things to consider as we will be purchasing a new refrigerator soon.

    • Thank you Rick! Another comment just mentioned she had the Avanti, and it was long lasting. I hope you’ll consider this one. If you get it here…you’ll get FREE shipping! Which is pretty incredible, considering how big and heave a fridge is! Please explore my other posts, as I’ve written one about keeping that refrigerator organized, inside and out!

  7. Hi Shelli,
    Really enjoyed your review of the Avanti Bottom Mount Freezer/Refrigerator. Funny timing! My wife and I were talking just this past weekend about looking into getting a new refrigerator. We’ve had ours close to 10 years and while it’s still doing what we need it to do we feel like it’s time to get a new one.
    I really like the space you mentioned for the 6 12 ounce cans. That’s something that has been sorely lacking in our current refrigerator.
    One question: I know how big you are on cleanliness and organization. I don’t clean out our fridge, like deep clean it, as often as I should due to the fact it’s a pain. Would you say this fridge is high on your list of ease of cleaning?
    Thanks! Mat A.

    • Hi Mat!  Thank you for the comment and question.  Yes!  This fridge is great for easy clean up, as everything is at a better level.  Not the bending down so much to get to the back of the fridge, where the syrup leaked out!  I hope you’ll get this fridge!  I just know you’ll love it.  And if you buy it from my site here…the shipping is FREE!!  Please let me know how much you love it!  Thank you!

  8. I found this post very informative and easy to read. Excellent list of wonderful qualities. I have used refrigerators from Avanti before and found them to be long lasting. Although I personally find stainless steel to be cold and surgical like, it is well constructed and priced right. A 5 star rating is good but Amazon shows only 2 people reviewed this product so is this a recent product?

    • Hi Candice! Thank you so much for your comment and question. I’m glad to hear you have owned an Avanti and found it was long lasting. This particular one is newer to Amazon, but not the brand. I chose this one, because it is a great buy for the money, and it has incredible features. I’m hoping more reviews will come! Please look around on my site for more fun tips and ideas to help organize your life!

  9. Nice freezer / refrigerator. I like the upper shelf in the freezer, it makes it handy to grab things out of it. It does seem like it has a perfect size too. Thanks for the review!

    • It really is a great size Benjamin! Thank you so much for stopping to take a look. If you ever need a new fridge, please consider this one. If you get it here, you will get FREE shipping! I hope you find a chance to look through some of my other posts. I have one on organizing your refrigerator, inside and out! Please explore!

  10. Thank you for the review. This is a nice refrigerator/freezer. The article is very informative. I have never seen this kind of refrigerator. I am actually very interested in the design. It’s a really nice size. I will be checking this out. Once again. Thank you for sharing!

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