Random Crazy Good Organizational Tid-bits

start-pathI thought I’d just compile a random list of various crazy good ideas for you to try some in your organizational journey! There are so many clever ways to use things you may already have, to make use of the space you have, and to use everyday things to keep you on the organized path.

Corner Nightstand Shelf

A simple shelf in the corner, next to your bed, is a great way to make use of unused space, and provide a place for your alarm clock, radio, cell phone and it’s charger, or simply a glass of water. I always have to have a tissue and corner-nightstandsome lip balm nearby as well!

Guest rooms often get looked over for a little night stand. A small corner shelf is an easy way to provide a stand for at least an alarm clock or place to set a cell phone for your overnight guests. It will not take up much room and can be above the floor, as to not take up valuable floor space.

floating-vanity-shelvesFloating Vanity Shelves

Storage is so often a problem in bathrooms. With that, organization can be a challenge in the bathroom, as lack of space can be difficult. Installing some nice floating vanity shelves is a wonderful solution! They do not take up much space, and can easily provide a spot for lotions, extra toilet paper, tissues, razors, toothpaste, brushes and make-up. What a great looking organizational solution!

Cleaning Blindsblind-tongs

I love this easy tip! Cleaning blinds can be tedious and it is hard to get each one. It seems most people just live with dusty blinds…no more!

** Take a pair of cooking tongs. Wrap a microfiber cloth around each tong, and secure with two rubber bands. Then simply wipe either side of your blinds, while squeezing the tongs! Genius!

I did not think of this myself, but have seen it done often and this is how we clean our blinds. We have the large wooden blinds currently, but I’ve done it on metal and plastic blinds as well.

3 Tiered Bathroom Shelf

As I just mentioned, space can be an issue in so many bathrooms. Another easy way to create space, is to go up! Get a three tiered shelf to put in the bathroom, either on the counter, or mount on the wall. It can easily hold lotions, tissue box, extra toilet paper, etc.

Junk Drawer Storage

It seems that every house that I’ve been into, has at least one junk drawer. It’s that place that seems to be a “catch-all” for everything from electrical tape, to bubble gum! First, I’d like to encourage you to down size the junk drawer. Often it contains actual garbage. go through it and clear out anything that you don’t use on a regular basis. If it’s still a valuable item, maybe find a better location, such as the garage for the tools and the pantry for the bubble gum! Try to keep this miscellaneous drawer for those little odds and ends, that just don’t seem to have another home. But…let’s try to keep it ORGANIZED!tuna-cans

There are many little containers you can find to keep things orderly. That’s the key here. to make sure that there is a place for each item, and then return them to their proper home (like all organization).

Organization doesn’t have to cost money. Sure, there are wonderful little things you can buy to organize your drawers and life, but it’s not always required. One way is using empty tuna fish cans. They are low, and easily fit into drawers. Several of them together keep items separated for easy access. Great things to keep in your “junk” drawer in low cans are: rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, extra keys, and more. These cans can also be re purposed to use in your desk drawer for these items!

Battery Box Storagebattery-box

It’s important to store your batteries properly, so they don’t have their ends touching and drain their life. My husband built me a great wooden box that has individual compartments for each size battery that we frequently use. It works great, and keep things very organized. If I purchase a large box of batteries, I always unload them into the specific sized area to keep them all secure and safe. You can also purchase a plastic battery box. It’s just a good idea to make sure you are storing them properly so they do not touch their ends together!

Cords, Cords, Cords

It seems in this electronic age, we have cords for everything from our phones, computers, and televisions, to jet packs, printers, and MP3 players. Extension cords, USB cords and HDMI cables. They can all get tangled up, intertwined, and tied together. How is one to keep all the extra cords organized in our lives? One simple, and inexpensive way to keep them all in order, is to re purpose an empty toilet paper roll. (I’m guessing you didn’t expect me to say that!) But they really work quite effectively and are free! Tuck the cords inside and have the TP roll in the middle. You can also label the roll, either extension, USB, HDMI, etc. Easy cheesy!

Another great way to re purpose an empty toilet paper roll is to hot glue several to a board or even a strong piece of cardboard, with them standing upright. It’s fun to paint them ahead of time, in various bright colors. They make excellent storage for things like: scissors, markers, pens, or pencils. At the same time; you’re keeping the cardboard out of the landfill! Win, win!

ponytailsMore Simple Storage…

Ponytail holders are always messy. You always need to buy a pack of 20-50 at once. It never seems that 1 or 2 are enough for anyone. Where do you store them. They get lost in a drawer, and just seem to fly everywhere! another super simple and inexpensive organizational solution is to attach them to a key chain or carabiner coupling link. It keeps them all together and in one place! Viola!

I hope that you find some of this random tidbits to be crazy good as you continue through your organizational journey. Please leave a comment or question and I will be happy to help!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Handy and Practical Tips! I love these simple and common-sense ideas for organizing my life! 🙂

  2. Nice article! I was just looking at my junk drawer the other day and thought I need to dump it.

  3. These are some helpful organizational tips. I really like the hair tie one.. I have them all over my drawer and in multiple drawers. I will definitely try this tip to keep them in one spot and easy to find and grab. It is amazing how just a simple little organizational tip like this can save the aggravation of the hunt.. lol Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have an entire drawer that just has cords in it. It’s in my kitchen. Great tip about the toilet paper roll. I like the idea of using them as a cord holder. They would work for smaller cords. However, what about longer cords. Do you have any idea what I should do with those?

    • Great question! One easy DIY trick you can do is get a 4 inch piece of broom handle, or wooden dowel. Drill holes in it about 2 inches apart. Take a piece of bungee cord, about 12 inches long and insert it though the holes. Use a lighter to not only burn the ends from raveling, but help it mushroom out to not slip back through your holes. Then simply stretch it over your wound extension cord to make a “wrap.” Also, they do sell great extension cord rollers!
      Thank you for visiting and asking a question. Please come back, I’ll continue to post useful ideas and tips to keep you organizing!

    • Thank you Cindy!! Yes! Apply the ideas. They are all meant to save time and space and energy. So if you do it…you’ll have more of all! Thank you very much for your comment!

  5. This is like my dream post to read LOL. I love these ideas!! I have young children and things are hard to keep organized so these hacks really help. I especially love the pony tail holder idea, the junk draw storage idea, and the blind cleaner idea. Genius! What would you suggest for sorting small toys? Thanks

    • Hi Kayla! I hope you’ll try all of the ideas you like! Small ones can be difficult to keep organized. The key is to really have a place for everything. One thing I’ve always done with small toys is to have the clear shoe bow containers for each item. That way, you can keep all of their accessories for that toy together in one spot. Label the ends, and keep them on a shelf. The kids will know where everything goes that way, and nothing gets lost! If they are smaller than reading age, use picture labels!

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