Pouches For Bags And Purses

red-purseThere are such a huge variety of bags and purses these days. You can get everything from a small clutch to hold an ID and credit card, to a huge over-the-shoulder tote bag. It seems that about every thing is in style, so you can’t hardly go wrong!

If you opt for a large bag; you will end up with the never ending problem of all the needed items falling to the bottom of the bag. Just when you really need to grab that lip balm, you can dig and dig; and it’s no where to be found. Until you get home, dump the entire contents of your big bag on the kitchen table, and there is the lip balm…at the very bottom.

But I Need A Big Bag…To Have Everything With Me

I’ve always said, “a good mom is a prepared mom”. It’s wonderful to be able to whip out the needed; big-brown-bagtissue, band-aid, wet wipe, or essential oil, at a moment’s notice. When everyone is trying to find “something” to stop the bleeding; you are able to simply grab a tissue and band-aid from your bag or purse. So I get it. I definitely see the practicality of a large bag, to have needed items available; for nearly every occasion that arises.

Especially if you have little ones. They all require more equipment. Your bag will probably contain emergency snacks, extra water bottles, perhaps a change of clothes, and even diapers. Even if you carry a separate diaper bag, a mom’s purse seems to get overloaded! As with any organization job or space, when there is too much stuff for the amount of real estate; things get messy!

When things get messy and out of control, items tend to get lost and broken. It’s very frustrating to need a wet wipe to clean the PB & J off of Little Johnny’s cheek, and not be able to locate one. Even after digging and searching and resorting to dumping the bag on the restaurant table. Still no wipe. Then suddenly remembering that you used the last one the night before, when the little pumpkin spilled grape jelly on Grandma’s favorite chair, you realize you forgot to reload!  Let’s face it; those wet wipes are magical. They can get almost anything out of fabric. Some strong soap and chemicals there! So what’s the solution? How can we have a large bag to be prepared and effective; yet have it organized enough that we can actually access items as needed?

Pouches, Pouches, Pouches

pink-pouchAs with any area of the home or life; it’s important for everything to have a specific home. Each possession you have, needs to have an exact location that it can be taken from and returned to. As I’ve written in previous articles; if you know where something is supposed to go, it’s easier to put it away, and certainly much easier to find it when you need it.

It’s the same concept with a large bag or purse. We cannot expect to easily find a small item in the bottom of a large bag we have tossed it into; any easier than we could expect to find an item we have just tossed into a messy closet. Things need to have a specific location to be put in and taken out of.
A really fantastic system is the use of pouches. By pouches, I mean smaller bags within your bag.maroon-clutch They can all match. They can all be different sizes, shapes and colors. It doesn’t really matter how you do it; it just needs to be done. I prefer the variety of colors and sizes; as I can easily identify what is in each bag quickly that way. I know that my lip balm, small lotion, and essential oil beadlets; are all in the smallish black pouch with the clutch closure. Where as; my tissues, eye glass cloth and a few single wet wipes; are in my brightly colored rainbow pouch.
brown-zipI also have one for gum, mints, and my husband’s gum of choice. I’m an essential oil nut; so I have two little zippered pouches with small vials and roller bottles of my “emergency” oils, that act as any pharmaceuticals I may need. Or, any that I may need to share with other people I encounter throughout my day. I also have another small clutch pouch that is a First Aid kit, that our daughter made for me. She used essential oils to make DIY things like BooBoo spray, an allergy inhaler, Bug Bite Spray, etc.


Pouches Make It Easy At A Glance

With the pouch system, I can easily spot what I’m after at a quick glance into my bag. I can grab what I need, and nothing gets shoved to the bottom. All the pouches are big enough to hold a few to several items, but not so big that things get lost within the pouches themselves. I think that is key. I also have a regular wallet, which has a coin area in it. You can also add a coin pouch if needed.

With a pouch for everything, I have nothing loose in my handbag. There’s a place for everything, andwhite-zippered-pouch everything in its place! Of course, everyone has different items that are important to their lives; so each bag will need different contents in their pouches. I just wanted to share with you how mine looks; for you to get a good idea of how to get started in this new found pouch organization!

I had shared this concept with my daughter-in-law awhile back. We just had lunch today, and she showed me all of her colorful pouches and how well this new system is working for her. I told her right then that I needed to go home and write a post about it; because it truly is a very effective system for getting and keeping your purse or handbag organized.

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of pouches. You can…but you may not have to! Re purposing little bags or pouches that you already have works great! Many handbags come with a matching pouch. Four of the ones I use, all came out of different purses. I just use them all at once! I have a pink one (that holds my phone charger) that was from a matching wallet set.
You can also pick them up at thrift stores quite easily. It’s just such a great way to keep from going crazy while searching for that tissue to give to a teared up friend or wipe that little one’s nose quickly!

I hope you’ll try this system and please let me know how it works for you. Leave me a comment or any questions that you may have below. I’d really appreciate it!
Pouch organization…who knew?

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Shelli Thomas


  1. I really like that idea Shelli. I have done some training on organizing and this one is really original. I love it and it makes so much sense. I totally agree that everything needs a home, it’s own space and to color coordinate, those pouches is an awesome idea.

    • Oh thank you Merry! I have really found it to be helpful in my own life. I hope you will give this system a try and see if it works for you. I love that you’re an organizer too. It’s just such a wonderful gift!

  2. Thank you!!!!!! I have never thought of using small pouches inside of my purses. Brilliant! I am also an essential oil nut and that would be extremely helpful in keeping them from leaking all over my purse! I think you have changed my life. lol

    • Oh I hope so! You can really find a lot of beautiful essential oil porches and carriers specifically for them. I’m so happy to hear you use EO’s. They are a real game changer for sure. I’m thrilled that you’ll give this system a try and let it help Your Organized Life!

  3. Hi Shelli. What a great post! I have hated purses for a very long time just for the reasons you describe. I toss and tumble and fumble through my purse looking for things, then I look at my husband and say, “This is exactly why I hate purses!” Never ever thought about pouches to organize my purse. What a great idea. I may even start liking purses again! Thank you!

    • Wouldn’t that be fantastic? It’s funny how sometimes the simplest little trick can change our perspective on things. I hope that you’ll find great success with this system and love carrying a purse or bag again! Please come back and tell me how it all works out for you!

  4. Hi Shelli, Using pouches, especially in different colors , makes the world of sense to me. There is nothing more frustrating than digging around the bottom of a handbag for ages while at a checkout counter. Can be embarrassing. Thank you for all the good advice.

  5. Hi Shelli, I have started this system as well of having pouches inside my big bag a couple of months ago. It started when, like what you related, I was looking for something and found it at the bottom of my bag. It’s usually always like that and I hated the time wasted to not being able to find what I was looking for right away when I know exactly I have it there in my bag. 😀 So glad I finally get it done, it’s always at the back of my mind. It’s really helpful and I’m enjoying how at least in my life, my bag is not a mess. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, your readers will definitely find this very helpful.

  6. Hi Shelli. That’s awesome, the system you have! I’ve always wondered how do ladies ever find anything in those bottomless bags they carry.

    Turns out the answer is they don’t! But now they will, provided they follow your wise advice.

    Ladies look no further. Here’s the solution to all… well maybe not all your problems, but certainly it will take clutter off your list of frustrations.

    • Oh yes, thank you! Spread the word, because I know there are many ladies still out there being very frustrated, every time they have to search their bottomless pit! Please share on your social media to try to help everyone! Thanks!

  7. I love this idea. I used to have big bags and I can never find anything. Just like you said, everything falls to the bottom and trying to find something is a challenging. I have converted to a smaller purse now. I might have to get some of these cute little pouches to keep myself more organized. Thank you for this idea. I loved it. As always, I am looking forward to your next great idea.

    • Oh thank you Hong! I’m super happy to hear that you plan to implement this system. It really does work well. Have you been surviving with a smaller bag choice?

  8. Hi Shelli. Wonderful article! I’ve always wondered how women ever manage to find anything in those bottomless bags they haul from one end of town to the next.

    So it turns out they just don’t! Find their stuff I mean. But now they will thanks to your organisational model. I’ll pass this article on to my wife. It may save her from getting a heart attack, out of frustration lol.

    • Excellent! Didn’t think about saving lives when I wrote this…but you just never know how far reaching things can be! Thank you so much for the comment. Come back and let me know how it goes with your wife.

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