Organizing Your Calendar Tips

In this modern day and age of cell phones in our hands at any given moment, many families no longer have an “old-fashioned” calendar hanging on their wall or the side of their refrigerator. But, it is an excellent organizational tool for your time management!

Who Needs A Calendar?

Whether you are single, living alone, or living with a small or large family; a physical, easy-to-write-on, wall calendar will help you stay on task and accomplish your daily goals of things needed and things you’re wanting to get done!

Even if you use your cell phone calendar to keep track of your day to day personal activities. A wall calendar will beautifully help you add every detail of your day, and each family member’s day, to one area. That way, everything is in one space; at a glance, for each other to see what is happening! Here is a list of examples you should be putting on one calendar:

  • Sporting eventscalendar
  • Sports practices
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Date nights
  • Car Maintenance (oil change, tune up, etc.)
  • Monthly bill payments
  • Bi-annual bill payments (property taxes, etc.)
  • Hair appointments
  • Special meetings
  • Vacations/days off
  • Special events (piano recital, concert, festival, etc.)
  • House guests

                  Details, Details, Details…

As you can see, you need to add EVERY daily occurrence to the calendar. Especially the ones that affect other members of the family! If someone needs a ride somewhere, or needs to be picked up, people can glance at the wall calendar and see that another person is or isn’t available with their time.

An organized calendar also provides a great time management tool. You can evaluate, quite quickly, whether your life is cluttered with too much activity. You can easily see which areas are out of balance and causing difficult days that are possibly robbing your joy! As I’ve written previously in, Great Ways to Organize Your Time, too much activity in your days, is similar to too much stuff in your home…both cause great difficulty in being organized in your home and in your mind! Less stress and chaos!

So Many Options Available

wall-calendarThere are many ways for you to achieve great success in your calendaring! A durable 12-month wall hanging calendar (still given away at some businesses and banks) is a great option. It can be hung on a wall, or inside a cabinet or closet. We have ours hanging inside our kitchen pantry! It just needs to be located somewhere that each person it effects…has access to it, and will look at it.

Another great one is the erasable white board calendar. You can havedry-erasemulti-colored dry-erase markers for each family member. And switch the colors up now and then for fun! The disadvantage to the white board is; you won’t have future months all in one place. This can be problematic, if you’re planning vacations months in advance, or need to mark that a bill payment is in June, and it’s only November.

Sometimes it works to have multiple calendars, for different activities. For example: having a calendar for sporting activities and practices. Again, the disadvantage here is, not seeing everyone’s schedule together at once, to spot immediate conflicts with time.

If you have the space, a large desk calendar works well also. They usually have large boxes for each day to write in multiple activities if needed. The larger wall calendars provide this same advantage.


Each household has different dynamics and different needs, but having an orderly calendar helps each home run more smoothly and with less stress. So go enjoy organizing your calendar!

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please do so below, I’d love to hear if you’re using a calendar to help get going on Your Organized Life!


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Shelli Thomas


  1. Hello!
    I agree with you. A calendar is a great organizing tool. I have worked as a coordinator and it was really difficult when everything (meetings, deadlines, others’ schedules) all clash together. Having a physical calendar saved me multiple times.
    Great post! Look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Hi Shelli! I’ve not used a calendar for years now but just this year I thought about using multiple calendars next year (because there’s not a calendar big enough to hold every activity) for medical appointments, sports & school activities, vacation, date nights, etc. like what you recommended. Great post! Thank you!

  3. Thank you, I think I was meant to stumble across this as I need to start using on. I just put a wall planner for next year hoping to apply this to my life and be better organised next year than I was this year. BUT, after reading this, I will start today now. Thank you!

  4. I should definitely invest in a full year calendar considering that I have a fairly messy schedule with my business.

    Should I get one of those large desk calendars for my case? The ones that cover most of a desk if you know what I am talking about.

    Thank you for your informative article,


    • If you do most of your daily work at a desk, that isn’t completely covered with other items, a large desk calendar works wonderful.  The big squares make it easy to write on and see your schedule of what needs doing…at a glance!  Let me know how it goes!

  5. Hi Shelli

    I hadn’t thought of using a large desk calendar as a wall calendar. That is a great idea as it has much more space to write in daily activities. I do find the smaller ones get too clogged too easily and I can’t put everything on them. I’ve moved away in recent years from a wall calendar and have been using colour coding for each family member in iCalendar and then sync to the relevant person. It has worked well as my teenagers are glued to their phones and don’t always look at the wall. However, I might look at purchasing a desk calendar as it would be a great visual to quickly look at. Thanks for the idea.

    • Absolutely!  the larger spaces are nice for multiple activities, and it’s great to have everything at a quick glance!  I’m happy to hear it will work for your family.  Please let me know how it goes!

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