Organization Is A Process…Ease The Family Into It.

I’ve taught many groups about health and nutrition through the years. How to make changes in their daily living and slow-steadydietary practices, to sustain good health. Nothing drastic to lose weight quickly, but teaching how our bodies are meant to operate; with sensible moderation. I always encourage people to introduce changes slowly into the family, and not go “all in” at once!

I have the same approach with organization of your home, life, calendar, time, garage and such. We are trying to create lasting habits and lifestyle here. Not just a flash in the pan, to get turned upside down again after the new year!

As I’ve stated earlier, start at the beginning. Where you enter the home. As you move into the house further, take the time to make it functional and efficient. It won’t do any good to have everything orderly…if it’s not usable!

Teach Family Members to Manage Their Own Area

If each person has the responsibility of maintaining the organization of their own space, they are much more likely to keep it that way. If you are constantly going in to organize it for them…it will not have sustainability. You can implement the organizational ideas from this site, and give them the tools they need, but optimally, they will need to care to maintain it.

You can teach them the importance of being organized, and give them what they need to succeed!

Simple Steps To Help Everyone Out!

  • Make a morning family schedule. This saves time and chaos!
  • Hang a mesh hammock or fish net from the ceiling in kids’ rooms to store stuffed animals, dolls, etc.
  • Plan breakfast the night before, set the table and have things prepped if possible.
  • Make lunches the evening before.
  • Set out clothes
  • Place purse, briefcase, backpacks, cell phone and keys in designated area every day, to avoid misplaced items while getting ready in the morning.
  • If you tend to run late…kick it with an old school trick, and set your clocks ahead 10 minutes…it works!
  • Install hooks on the back of bathroom door, for towels or bathrobes.
  • Hooks on bedroom doors for bathrobes and jackets.
  • Always keep gas in vehicle at least 1/2 full, for days you’re running late.
  • String a clothesline across kids’ room to clothespin favorite artwork. It can just be on a wall also!
  • Install spice grippers in cabinets, for easy access and great organization!spice-grippers
  • Hang utensils from rack hooks in back splash area in kitchen, to free up counter space and everyone can easily see.

Be Consistent And Follow Through

clotheslineReally try to be consistent in your desires for organizing your home and schedule. Get everyone to understand the need for being organized to save time, energy and money.

So often times, we try to implement something new into our households, with no explanation or reasoning. Choose ideas that make sense to everyone, so they will be consistently used and be sure to follow through in carrying an idea all the way out! You don’t want to hang a clothesline in your children s’ bedroom, and not provide them with clothespins to attach their masterpieces! Be sure to have follow through, and always educate them on why this is the best, most efficient way to keep the home.

Different ideas work for different families and different households. We all have varying space to work with and all have very different possessions to keep organized. Try something; if it doesn’t work, please don’t give up. Try to implement a new idea, and see if you have more success.

Little By Little

As you begin to clear away the clutter, and free up storage space, and make the best use of the space you alreadyGoals have, and start to create space; you are going to feel great! It really is quite cleansing to get rid of unnecessary items, and have a place for everything that you know you need and use. Just don’t do it all at once!

If you are already overwhelmed at the task of organizing and clearing clutter and chaos in your life, you will certainly be overwhelmed at the idea of taking the job on all at once! Set short term goals. Educate the rest of the family members as to the logic and reasoning behind each move. Then slowly, take on each task. One by one, until you have success and sustainability in that area. Then choose another task, and move on. Little by little, you’ll get it all organized!

We Don’t Want A Rebellion!

If you’re just setting up a household, newly married, or perhaps just relocating; it can be easier to implement organizational strategies. But…if you’re well-established in your lifestyle of clutter and chaos, it can be a more difficult ship to turn around.

I don’t think it’s quite as difficult;  and as likely for rebellion, as some have with too sudden of dietary changes, but people tend to get very comfortable in their habits and rituals of daily life. Change can encounter resistance, so tread lightly. Don’t make demands and set a lot of rules. Again, educate the reasons on why this new life of organization, is the best route to go! It will save so much long term, in many, many areas of your life! Have everyone involved set their goals and give reasons that disorganization adds chaos to their daily lives. Give everyone ownership in your newly organized life!

**Remember: The goal of organization isn’t to make the home pristine, but to make life more calm and functional.**

Having a place for everything and everything in its place is very liberating! You can clean in less time; with not having to spend the first half of the day picking things up and putting them away. Cleaning is much easier when things aren’t sitting out collecting dust; but rather, are put away in their proper containers, bin, cabinets or closets.
Getting organized is a wonderful journey. But it takes time. It’s a process that you need to ease your family into. If you do, you’ll have excellent success and an incredible retention rate in all of your organized areas!

I hope this helps you see the importance of taking your time to help your family get into the mode of organizing your home and life. If you have any questions, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you, with a comment below.

Happy organizing!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Hi Shelli,
    You have offered some great tips on getting organized, and I am motivated to get started. As you noted, “it takes time” to remove that clutter. Most of my clutter needs to be priced for a yard sale or sent to Goodwill. Getting the family to do their part is an important part of staying organized.

    • Thank you Tanya! I appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment. I’m happy to hear that some of my ideas will help you. Read through some of my other posts, on helping de-clutter. It will help you prepare for the yard sale. When are you planning to have it?

  2. Hi Shelli,

    Great post. This really helps with procrastination too. And thanks for the reminder to put all my breakfast stuff, clothes and keys etc all set up in the right place ready to go. I keep my clocks and watches 10 minutes ahead and although it doesn’t always keep me on time it definitely helps.

    Decluttering and procrastination are definitely things I need to keep on top of so thanks again for a great post.


    • Hey Kevin! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. That’s great that you use the trick to fool your brain. It’s a good one. But you are correct, being prepared ahead of time really helps. Especially on those days when unexpected things occur, that are out of our control. do you have a place to keep all of your daily effects for the night, so they’re ready to roll in the morning?

  3. I love the tips. I live in a small apartment and my room is so small. I need to starting utilizing your tips to clean and organize. As always your articles provide great an helpful tips. Thank you!

    • Thank you Hong! How much space do you have? Just one small room? Keep visiting my site, as I plan to post more about living in small spaces. It’s really amazing how you can actually create space, when you get creative with your space!

  4. Hi Shelli. I could really use some organization in my life for sure. Thanks for this information. I look at my clutter and then figure it is too much to sort out, lol. SO I end up not doing it. I like the idea of small goals that might work for me. I am afraid that if I declutter one area I will wait too long to get to the next and it will be all cluttered again. At least that is what has happened in the past. Any suggestions for me? Thanks


    • Hey Carl! thank you for the comment and question. There is hope for you for sure! You have the desire, which is the first step. some people just don’t care if their lives are heaped in chaos. As you’ve read, take that first room. Then really sit back and soak up the advantages to having that space cleared of chaos, when you first enter the home. Read through more of my posts, and get tips as to how to proceed. I encourage you to make a list of short and long term goals, and really get your heart and mind in the proper perspective to follow through! I’m here if you have any questions along the way, and I’m thrilled to help you through the journey to your organized life! So…where do you want to start?

  5. This is all great advice, Shelli. I think the key to keeping the rebellion at bay is usually the behavior modeled by those asking others to change. Sadly, I have failed at that many times but today is a new day. Thank you for the tips! BTW, those Franklin Brass hooks look very sturdy and affordable.

    • Thank you Joseph! I agree with you, modeling is critical. Educating and letting people know the reasons behind our actions, make all the difference in the world. And yes, the Franklin Brass Hooks are wonderful! Are you planning to add some to your world soon?

  6. As a mom with two messing little ones, I thoroughly enjoyed this article and find it very useful. I totally agree that Having a place for everything and everything in its place is extremely liberating. I try to make sure I do this, but you have given me some great things to try in your article. You don’t happen to have tips about how to help children feel comfortable about cleaning their own space do you? Thanks!

    • Hi Kayla! I’m so happy you’ve found me. Thank you for the comment and great question. Smaller children can get very overwhelmed at the concept of cleaning their room, if it is a mess. I encourage you to do it with them, and teach and explain the reasons for each item going where it belongs as you go through things. You can also teach them the value of their items, and if they should let go of things that perhaps another child could love. Less things to manage, is always better. We’ve found that children enjoy their space so much more, and want to spend time in their rooms, being calm, listening to music, reading books; if the environment is not too overly stimulating and chaotic. I hope this helps. How old are your little ones?

    • Thank you! I hope my site and posts will help you get an organized life. It will truly help you save time, money and energy. Do you often feel overwhelmed with your life?

  7. Now I’m really excited about this Shelli! I’m starting tomorrow with the laundry room! It is a catch all room! Do you have any good ideas about storing all the big winter boots? We have so many & they take up a lot of room

    • I’m super excited for you!!! The laundry room is a great start. Just take it little by little and you’ll have the chaos cleared in no time. Winter boots are big and bulky for sure. First off; I’d really evaluate the need for each pair. If you have multiple pairs, that serve the same purpose, I’d get rid of some. If they are still in great shape, I’d store them until the current pair is worn out. Under a shelf seems to work good for boots. Or, if you have an open space, perhaps get a boot rack to keep them on, so they are always together, in one place. Let me know how the laundry room organization goes! I can’t wait to hear. Thank you so much for the comment and great question Cindy.

  8. Some really great tips here Shelli – I think I will print off this page and sit down with my kids and work through the points. I noted the making lunch the night before – I always do this for the days I work as I am out the door at 4.50am and the last thing I want to be doing is throwing together breakfast and lunch! My daughter started working full-time last year and she is out the door at 6am and would be trying in 30 minutes to get ready, make lunch, eat breakfast, get out the door without forgetting anything – not great for a non-morning person. It usually ends in tears of frustration even with me helping her. Anyway baby steps and yesterday when I got in from grocery shopping I noticed that she had made lunch for today and put it in the fridge! She said it does help when it is ready the night before – maybe I’ve gotten through to her!

    • I’m thrilled that your daughter is making strides in the right direction. I love that you’re sharing it with your kids and training them up! I plan to keep sharing tips and ideas, so please come back and keep organizing!

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