Odds and Ends to Organize

ideasI have all of these ideas bouncing around in my head. Ideas to help you get organized. Ideas to help you stay organized. Ideas, ideas, ideas! Several of them can go together, and some of them are just a single…great idea! I’ve been wanting to share them with you, but haven’t come up with a topic to combine them into an article or post. So… I’ve decided to just make a list, and share several of them with you here!

In The Kitchencutting-boards

  • Wire rack for cutting boards and baking sheets. You can screw them to the inside of a cupboard door, or even a drawer. Use zip ties on the bottom, to keep them from falling out!
  • I love the idea of a narrow cabinet that slides next to your refrigerator to store cleaning suppliesnarrow-cabinet or even spices. Get one on rollers that you can pull out and just push back in, out of sight.
  • Under sink storage rod for cleaners. You can hang cleaner bottles, by their handles, from a tension rod that you install under the kitchen sink. This is a great space saver, as well as wonderfully organized! Try turning the top so the label of contents is facing outward for ease of reading.
  • Create extra space under the kitchen sink with two tension rods spaced to hold wire baskets that you can slide back and forth. They work great for holding extra sponges, brushes, scrapers and scrubbers.
  • Install hooks inside cupboards, above cups and mugs, to hold another layer of cups or mugs.
  • Hooks inside of cupboard doors to hold utensils. This is great to save space in drawers or on the counter top.
  • Mesh drawer organizers can really work well for spices.

In The Bathroombehind-doors-rods

  • A pint Mason jar works great to hold Q-tips.
  • Use small, clear holders inside your medicine cabinet, to help keep things neat and tidy.
  • In a drawer, use pint jars to store cotton balls, Q-tips, hair ties, bobby pins, band-aids, etc. Paint the lid with chalkboard paint, to keep everything nicely labeled and easy to access.
  • Add extra towel rods; behind the bathroom door, to get more space.
  • A small over-the-sink storage shelf, can really free up counter space in a small bathroom.
  • A picnic style silverware basket makes an excellent holder for hair styling products, such asdryer your curling iron, blow-dryer and flat iron. The individual compartments keep everything happily organized!
  • If you’re lacking cupboard space or a linen closet; mount baskets to the wall and roll your towels and washcloths, to put in for easy access.

Between Studs Storage

between-studsThis is such a fun idea! I love the thought of making use of the space between the studs of your walls. Of course, you can’t do it everywhere…or you’ll lose all of your insulation! In our bathrooms, my husband inlaid our medicine cabinets. They are flush with the wall, and simply have a door that opens. The space that we use; is actually between the studs of the wall. The little cubbies can be shelves that are open, or can be tucked away behind a closing door.
You can use the area between studs in a wall to make a storage area in your closets for jewelry. In the bathroom for toiletries or a medicine cabinet. In a kitchen wall for spices. A larger area can be added to the laundry room wall for storage of brooms and a mop!

Backsplash Storage Area

Another wonderful place to access some extra storage, is the area between your counter top andcounter-baskets upper cabinets in the kitchen. You may also have a similar space in your bathroom. It’s called the backsplash.

It’s a fantastic spot to hang baskets or even install shelves. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s such a great way to get things off those counter tops, but still have them easily accessible. Items like: coffee cans, sugar, butter, olive oil, salt & pepper, and vinegar.

Fun With Jewelry

jewelryI’ve got a couple of very exciting ways to store your jewelry. It seems that all those chains, beads, and baubles can get tangled so quickly! A really pretty way to keep them all straight and orderly, is to take a picture frame (maybe a pretty one to re purpose from a thrift store, or an antique one), and nail or glue tree twigs across in several rows. Then you can simply place the necklaces over the twigs and have them hang down in an organized fashion!

Another fun trick is to simply take a narrow necked soda or beer bottle, andbracelet-bottles stack your bracelets on it! It keeps them all from getting entwined with each other, and just looks pretty neato!

Extras, Odds & Ends

  • An outdoor metal plant hanger can be transformed into a great wall storage place for fruit in the kitchen. It looks very attractive and could also be used for onions and potatoes.
  • Use PVC pipe for storage of crafts, tools and artwork.
  • Store nice men’s ties in an old empty wooden bottle box. Roll up ties and keep them organized!
  • Christmas tree bulbs can be stored safely in an empty egg carton.egg-cartons
  • Use the area under a baby’s crib for storage of extra supplies. Get a large plastic box that you can simply slide in and out. It can hold extra diapers, linens, and clothes to grow into!
  • Tank tops work great when stored on shower curtain rings attached to a hanger.
  • Take a long rope with a shower curtain or other fabric, and make a curtain to divide a room where siblings share, to give them each their own, private space.
  • I just LOVE the Skinny Sofa Tables you can slip behind the sofa for just that little extra bit of space. They work great for a lamp to sit on, an essential oil diffuser, a salt lamp, or even your remotes. It creates a small space to set your coffee cup or wine glass down while sitting on the couch, or watching television!

It’s been fun to share some of this nifty ideas I’ve had in my head for some time now. I do hope that you can find some things to apply from these odds and ends; to help Your Organized Life!

Please leave me a comment below to let me know what might work for you in your space. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have also! Please share this post to help spread the organization around!





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Shelli Thomas


  1. Wow, I never thought I could have these organization set up in my home. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I will keep my focus on this site to keep organizing stuffs in my home.

    • That’s fantastic Peter! Keep looking around my site to get more tips and tricks on Your Organized Life! Let me know what you decide to implement in your world.

  2. These are great tips, and that under-the-sink tension rod idea was worth the price of admission. Seems like so many occasional-use products end up under the sink and take up so much space. Thanks!

    • Haha!! I love that! Yes, that’s a good idea to make happen in your life. It’s very handy to have things up and off the floor, and save that valuable real estate for other items, used more frequently. Thank you so much for the comment, I really do appreciate it!

  3. Its interesting, as a man with a shop at home, I can see a lot of potential here. While it isn’t the EXACT same thing….I do have a lot of tools to deal with, and will have to implement some of these things. Now if I could only teach the boys how to use some of this with their Legos…..

    • Oh yes! So much can be done. I’m actually planning to write about garage/shop organization very soon. Please come back for a visit and let me know what strategies you apply! I have some posts on organizing small toys, so take a look around. Clear plastic containers are great for Legos. Another idea is to get a small dresser to store small toys like that, so they can keep sorted out more easily!

  4. Wow, that between the studs idea is great. I’ve honestly never thought of it and actually have several internal walls that I could probably capitalize on for a small storage closet.

    Do you know about how deep the wall has to be to allow for a compartment like that to be installed? The door itself is probably 1-2 inches thick so probably like 6 inches for any viable space inside it?

    • Modern construction generally is all 6 inch studs, instead of 4X4’s. So…that is usually plenty of space to create some storage. I’m excited that you found an idea you’d never thought of previously! I’d love for you to let me know if you end up implementing this idea. Thank you so much for commenting!

  5. Hi, Shelli. I LOVE the jewelry organization ideas you’ve given here. I have piles of jewelry in all sorts of jewelry boxes. I’d much rather have it easy to sort through, but also the frame idea is so cute. Thank you so much for all these great ideas! I would love to see any ideas you have on closet organization. I’m going to check out your article on that.

    • Thank you for the comment Jaime! I’m glad to hear that you like the jewelry idea. I love the look of the twigs in the frame. I hope it will help you get those piles all sorted out! The closet is a great place to get organizing. Let me know if my ideas help you out in that area too!

  6. Wow.
    Your article is so well organized, tips are great and many are easily to maintain. I will show several to my husband and some I can implement by myself. Thank you for such a great ideas 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear that you were able to find some ideas that you can incorporate into your organized world! Please browse around my site and get ideas for all areas of your life that may need a little order!

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