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I recently wrote an article titled: Clips and Rings to Organize Things. I hated to leave out these fantastic S hook ideasS I’m about to share with you…but felt like they deserve their own page, as they are not technically the same as a shower curtain ring. They are just as versatile, and I think you’re going to love what you can do with a simple S hook!

Small Bathroom Appliances Are Messy

curling-ironHave you ever noticed that things with long cords tend to make a mess. Let’s just face it, those cords are an organizational nightmare! In the bathroom in particular, we seem to have several small appliances that all have a long cord. Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, sometimes even a hair crimper!

Keeping these items under the sink in a clear bin (which I did for years) works…but the long cords tend to get all tangled together. Several years ago, I asked my man to install a hook on the side of our bathroom cabinet to hang my curling iron from. This works; but not when I have multiple appliances, as I have naturally curly hair that just needs straightening now and then for my own personal sanity.

A wonderful organizational solution is installing a small rod, and hang all your appliances from it with S hooks! It can be placed under the cabinet above the toilet, inside the cupboard, or just one the wall. Or…simply hang some S hooks from your towel bar.  They are so simple and versatile. I’m in love!

Too Many Coffee Cups Could Be the End Of Us!

coffee-cupsCoffee mugs can be the downfall of kitchen organization. I have helped ladies clear clutter from their kitchens that have had over 100 coffee cups and mugs! At a yard sale, you can’t hardly even give them away. I remember a friend had a garage sale one time when we lived in Alaska years ago, she made every person that bought something; take home a coffee cup, whether they wanted one or not!

Space often gets wasted inside a kitchen cabinet. I don’t know how many times I’ve helped someone clean and organize when they don’t have enough space; only to find out that the space they do have is being wasted. This is common in cupboards with glasses and cups. The shorter ones, only take up half of the cabinet space, yet aren’t safe to stack on top of each other, like maybe bowls and plates would be.

In addition to just flat out getting rid of all but 8-10 coffee cups and mugs (unless you have a larger family) a great solution can be to use tension rods and S hooks to hang some from; above the shorter mugs and glasses on the shelf. This maintains your versatility in moving it, instead of just installing cup hooks (which is another great space saver!)

Protecting Valuable Counter Top Space

utensils-on-hooksI love clean counter tops! I mean, I REALLY love the look and cleanliness factor of my counters being cleared off. Of course, I realize there are certain things that need to remain for practicality reasons. I recently purchased an 8 quart Kitchen Aid mixer, and the only place it will fit is in the corner of my kitchen…but I’m OK with that.
Having buckets, vases, or baskets filled with kitchen utensils, can be a space eater! We often over look the space available behind our counter tops, or the back splash area. It is a perfect spot to mount a rod and use S hooks to hold everything from spatulas to wire whisks!

You Already Have a Built In Hanging Rod!

Most kitchens have a dish towel hanging somewhere. Perhaps from the oven, refrigerator door, inside the cabinet (my love) or just sitting on the counter. If the towel gets wet at all from cleaning up, it’s important for it to hang in a place that it can dry effectively.

If you use S hooks on the oven handle, you can create space for multiple dish towels and even an oven mitt or hot pad. They are easily removed, so it’s a great way to hang wet cloths on baking day too! Just keep a few S hooks in the drawer to use when needed.

Big, Little, Short, and Fat

Pots and pans can be more awkward sized items to keep organized and stored easily. They come in a huge variety ofpots-and-pans shapes and sizes. We need a various sized pans for small, quick cooking and large pots for big soups and stews. There are several pots and pans organizers and racks available.

Some are quite beautiful and hang from the ceiling, out of the way. It really depends on the design of your kitchen (and the shape your pots and pans are in) if you can have them out on display.

If not, an easy solution is to install a dowel or tension rod inside a cabinet. It may take two rows of dowel, depending on your amount of pans. You simply attach the pans to another S hook, and hang them from the dowel or rod. They are very easy to access this way, and you don’t end up with that awkward need to stack the big with the little and short with the fat!

There you have 5 different ways to continue on your organization journey and use a simple S hook to get you going. I hope you can apply some or all of these ideas and that they help you to “get hooked” on being organized! Let me know below if you have any questions and please tell me how you are using S hooks in your life, or plan to use them, after reading this little post!

Let’s get hooked!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Thanks for these great ideas for organizing stuff with limited space. I’m gonna get hooked! Too many coffee cups and pots and pans, and now I can see they all could take up way less valuable cabinet real estate.

    • Exactly!! Thank you. I love that you plan to incorporate these ideas. Let me know how it goes and if it improves your daily routine. I’m guessing it will be a game changer for you! Please visit again for more ideas and tips to keep you organizing!

  2. Hi Shelli ,what a great article about using s hooks for storage problems, it seems we all have areas that could use some organization.
    I think I will try some in my closet to separate all of my earbuds,spare charging cords, and belts. Very clever idea and a unique space saver.
    Thanks for the great idea!

    • Thank you Earl! Those sound like wonderful uses of the hooks. I’m thrilled that you’re planning to incorporate them into your organizational life. I will continue to post more tricks and ideas, so please come back and visit soon!

  3. Shelli, this post is gold. My wife loves to find ways to keep our home organized and tidy.
    The only thing I would suggest is to put your posts into drop down tabs at the top menu. Just for example the different tabs could be Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage etc. Just to be able to find all your great content faster!
    Looks good keep up the great work.

    • Oh thank you! I’ll check into doing that. I’m so glad you enjoyed my posts. I hope you can find several tips to share with your bride to help keep her organizing! I love that!

  4. Hi Shelli,
    I love your post. It’s so practical and “real life”! I found myself not only nodding and chuckling but taking the suggestions to heart. We have coffee cups and mugs in three different locations and organizing them would be great.

    I’m bookmarking your site for future reference. If I need these items I will buy through your links. I will visit your social sites as well.

    All the best to you,

    • Thanks Bob! Let’s get all of those mugs in one central location, near the coffee pot, tea, or hot chocolate. If they won’t all fit in the chosen spot…time to do some eliminating! Choose the favorite 15, then eliminate at least 5 more. Then…choose the 8 you just CANNOT live without. It kinda helps put it into perspective when you think…”which CAN’T I live with out?” My guess, pretty much all of them!
      Thank you for planning to visit again and using my links. I super appreciate that!

    • Wow! Thank you. If it’s time, you’ve found the right place. I will continue to post about different ways to help you on your organizational journey. Please come back and visit and let me know how you are doing and what ideas you apply!

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear you liked it. I know! How did we ever survive without the Mighty S HOOK? This will be a life altering, game changer for you! Please come back and let me know how it goes and helps with your organizational journey!

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Finally, I am able to organize my bathroom and kitchen with S hooks.
    These tips are very useful to me.

    • Thank you! I’m happy to hear that this has helped you, and that you’ll use S hooks for organizing in your home. That’s really great! Keep organizing and visit here again for more tips and ideas that I post!

  6. Yes, yes! Finally someone covering such an important topic. Coffee mugs and cups ALWAYS get in the way. Even though we have so much, my partner still gets more. I might have to take on your advice about giving a free one away when we have a garage sale. I chuckled when you said they didn’t want one but your friend gave them one anyway. Lol

    Awesome article, very funny


    • Thank you! I’m excited you are motivated to get rid of those mugs. They can be a relationship killer…so be careful. Extend grace. Come back and let me know how the garage sale goes! I’ll continue posting, so check back for more ideas! I appreciate the comments.

  7. This is an awesome review. I never heard of S-hooks. They seem like they could solve a lot of space issues? And, my family is large so, I am always trying to find ways to clear the clutter. I am glad that I ran across this post. Can the S-hooks be placed anywhere or just like in cabinets? I’ll have to look into those.

    I love a clean container top as well. And, my Kitchen Aid sits in the corner too. Oh do I love that thing, it works wonders. Thanks for sharing this…

    • Yes! S hooks are a wonder. You can use them about anywhere! Use them on your shower curtain in the bathroom, for extra towel hanging. Use them on your oven handle to hang dish towels or oven mitts. They are inexpensive, and very versatile. They should really increase your space! So simple.
      I love that you found my site. Thank you for your question and please come back. I plan to continue writing about tips and ideas to keep you organizing!

  8. Hi, Shelli. I am very much busted for the coffee mugs. I have so many and actually started to collect certain ones that I went through and purged ones finally and I have to say, it was amazing. I loved your article because I love organizing just about everything so I will definitely be coming back and joining your email list!

    • Yay!! Thank you. I’m so glad you found me and found some helpful tips. Don’t feel alone, the coffee mug sickness has spread like wildfire! I could start a CMA, Coffee Mugs Anonymous! Of course, I LOVE that you enjoy being organized. I’ll look forward to your return here!

  9. This is very worthy little product. I am an organization nut. A real Monk tv show type of guy. No, not that bad but I do like everything to be neat and accessible without the clutter. And that is a fair amount that the set comes in.

    • I’m glad to hear you like it! Thank you for your comment. If you’re an organizational nut, you’re in the right place. Keep visiting, as I will continue to post great ideas and tricks for your organizational journey!

  10. Hello Shelli, I am now in a fantasy land of where can I put S hooks! This was such a great article. I loved the idea of s hooks for drying more towels on the oven rack. I am going to do that right now! What do you suggest for those with a minimum of counter space? And what to do with that hard to reach space on top of the refrigerator? Thanks for such a great article! in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • HI Ariel! Thank you for your comment and questions. I’m so thrilled to read that you are felling in love with S hooks. They are so versatile! Keep reading my posts, I have LOTS of tips and tricks to make use of limited counter space. My first suggestion would be to get hem cleared off the best you can, so you can use them! I have several ideas on clearing counter space in my posts. As far as that hard to reach area above the refrigerator, you’ll need a stool or step ladder. I LOVE NorWex cloths, as they don’t need any chemicals, and the microfiber fabric wipes all the grease away, as it has incredible grabbing power! I hope to see you here again soon!

  11. I love this idea. This can save me so much space in my house. I’ve never thought of using hooks. Thank you so mch for this brillant idea. I will organizing my house tonight. Thank you. Keep up with great work.

    • Oh how exciting! I love when people get pro-active in their organized life. Please stop back by and let me know what ideas you implement. Thank you for stopping by!

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