Clips And Rings To Organize Things!

Have you ever watched the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? It’s a family favorite for us to watch over Thanksgiving. John Candy plays Del Griffith, an obnoxious curtain ring salesman. At one point in the movie, after they’ve had quite a time traveling home for Thanksgiving, and have had their money stolen, Griffith shows what an amazing salesman he is and starts selling the shower rings for other uses; such as fashionable earrings to the ladies. It’s amazing how creative we can get with a little plastic ring!plastic-rings

I have several great ways to continue your organizing frenzy…using curtain rings. Some use the round, inexpensive plastic kind (or you can use nicer metal ones). Some use the curtain clip variety. You’ll see, there are several great ways to use these easy little inventions!

1. Scarves

scarvesWe live in the often cold Northwest corner of Montana. Both my daughter and I love to where scarves. We find that scarves can be an organizational nightmare, as they don’t stack well on a shelf, and they can vary in materials and size from thin to quite bulky.hanger

Solution: Put several shower curtain rings on a plastic or wooden hanger. Simply pull a scarf through each ring and hang the hanger in your closet. It’s just that easy!! A scarf “hanger” can also be made by gluing several rings together from the hanger.     (See Photo) Genius!

2. Baseball Hats

hat ringsIt seems more and more these days, people are wearing baseball caps. I’ve also noticed that people who wear hats, usually have several; perhaps even a collection of different ones. I’ve also noted that many people who wear ball caps, like to keep them a certain way. They seem to be particular about them staying in the right “shape.” So…hanging and preserving them is, well, important.

Solution: Place a shower curtain ring through the back hole that’s used for sizing adjustment on each hat. Then place the ring on a hanger. Hang in closet or on a hook for easy access! Done!

3. Necklaces

There isn’t anything more frustrating than wanting to wear a necklace, and having it all tangled up in knots! It seems that many are extra long, and can’t fit in most jewelry boxes. With all the varying styles and sizes, it’s hard to keep them from winding up around each other or themselves.

Solution: Simply string your beautiful necklaces through a shower curtain ring! Then place them on a hanger, and hang inside your closet; or maybe on a hook, inside the closet door. Another great way to go is to mount a small rod to the wall (maybe even in your bathroom) and attach the rings to it. You can easily keep them at a usable height that’s long enough for all of your precious jewels! Pretty!

4. Ties

tie-hooksHave you noticed how extremely expensive a nice tie can be? They are a unique item, in that they are made out of fabric, but do not get washed whenever worn. They need to stay in pristine condition, so cannot be tossed into a drawer or wrinkled in a ball. Tie storage can be tricky.

Solution: Again, put shower curtain rings on a hanger. Thread the ties through the rings, so they are evenly weighted and won’t easily fall off. Hang your new tie rack in the closet. Yay!

5. Purses And Handbags

With the changing seasons, changing fashion, and just plain changing our minds; we seem to have a need for severalpurses types, sizes and styles of purses. It’s important to find a way to store purses and handbags, so they are protected and don’t get squished or out of shape.

Solution: You guessed it! Put them on shower curtain rings on a hanger, and hang them in the entry way closet or in your bedroom!  Also, another great tip is; you can hang handled paper bags and sacks this way for great organization.  Winning!

6. Belts

You’re probably way ahead of me already, in figuring out that shower curtain rings and a hanger, are also a fantastic way to keep your belts in order. They do make belt organizers and tie organizers…I know. But this is a quick and inexpensive way to get you up and organizing in no time! Let’s go!

7. Hair Ties

hair-tiesIn a previous article, I shared with you how you can use a carabiner to keep those ponytail holders organized. They really do work great and can even just be tucked in a drawer that way. Hair ties are easily lost and get very messy in a hurry without some type of order.

Solution: Run all those hair ties through a shower curtain ring. Very inexpensive organizing there!

8. Ribbons Of All Kinds!

If you like to make your packages pretty for gift giving, or you are all artsy craftsy; you probably have loose ribbons inribbon your home or hobby room. They can easily get chaotic and be a jumbled mess.

Solution: Push the ribbons through some shower curtain rings and pull them equal in lengths on both sides. Hang them from a hanger. You can then place them in your craft closet, or wherever is the best place for easy access when needed. Nice one!

9. Gloves And Mittens

Winter problem #1! Losing one glove or one mitten. They are so expensive nowadays, that no one can afford to not keep track of the pair. As we grow up, we really no longer want the string running all the way through our jackets that is attached to our little red mittens (though it is so stinkin’ cute).

Solution: Have you seen the clip shower curtain rings? They have little clips to attach your shower curtain to. They work perfectly for attaching gloves and mittens for safe keeping and organization. Again, easily attach them to a rod or hanger. A rod mounted to the inside of the entryway closet would work incredibly well. Super duper!

10. Locking Cabinets

This is kinda a bonus tip! Do you have little ones around the house that want to look into all of your cabinets and cupboards, but it’s not always safe? Maybe they aren’t your children that are always around, but perhaps grandchildren or now and then visitors. You really don’t want to move all of your cleaning products and such to a higher cabinet.

Solution: The metal shower curtain rings are a great way to secure your lower cabinets and cupboards from small hands that don’t belong there. BOOM!

There you go. 10 great ways to use clips and rings to organize things! I hope you learned a trick or two and let me know if you do! I’d love to answer any questions or just fell free to leave a comment below. Had you heard of any of these little ideas previously?

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Hi Shelli, OMG! planes, trains and automobiles. One of my all time favorites “Those aren’t pillows!” lol.

    As I was reading this I was thinking about all my belts, then bang there it was. And my wife is always looking for her pony tail holders… problem solved.
    I don’t have toddlers around here much so I don’t secure everything. Now I have a quick fix that I never thought of before. Thanks!!

    • Oh my gracious, yes! Too funny! I’m so glad to hear that you can apply some of my ideas. That makes me so happy! I will continue to post tips that I hope will be useful to you and your wife, so please come back! Thank you so much for the great comments. Let me know if you ever have any organizational questions, I’m here to help!

  2. Hello there,
    Though is a very informative article was also funny:)
    But I have to say that it really gave me some tips. I love to be organized but I never manage:( So many things everywhere.
    Thanks for some great idea. I will tell you which one I will use: The one for my bags, the one for hair ties for the beginning. If I need more, I will see.
    Thanks for share a helpful read. I will be back for more tips for sure.
    Have a nice day.

    • I’m so happy to hear you will use some of these ideas and apply them to your life.  Please let me know how it goes!  I love that you enjoyed the article.  Thank you for your comments!  I’ll look forward to your return.

  3. Hi Shelli!

    This is a neat post! It’s amazing the amount of uses we can find in little household items we often take for granted. A little creativity and resourcefulness goes a long way. I appreciate your site because we don’t just wake up and become organized–a few of us need some help along the way!


    • Thank you! You are so right. We have to be intentional to get organized. It’s a process. I’m glad you found ideas to help you on your journey. Please come back and keep learning!

  4. Great ideas for getting things organized. I am already using the carabiner for holding ponytail elastics and I love that solution. The only problem I have is that sometimes these rings don’t have large enough openings and I was wondering if you knew of some in particular that had more flexibility? Thanks for the fun read.

    • Thanks for the comment and question!  They do seem to vary between brands.  I do like the type that don’t have the super hard plastic, they have a bit more flexibility.  As far as using a carabiner, they have a large variety in sizes and opening types.  I’m glad you’re using them.  Keep checking back here for more organizational tips and tricks!

  5. Wow how clever to use these rings in so many ways! I have never even considered using them beyond the shower curtain.
    I am going to be putting this to use immediately. I have a ton of hats and my girl is always on me about them laying around.
    She is going to be so happy with me, You are a life saver!
    I will definitely be back to cjeck out your site for more helpful tips, thanks!

    • So happy to help save a relationship!!  That’s wonderful that you found an immediate need to apply a trick to.  I love that!  Thank you so much for your comment.  I’m glad you plan to return for more helps.  I will continue to write handy tips and ideas for you!

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