I have enjoyed helping people my entire life! I’m passionate about health and nutrition, and I thoroughly enjoy helping others learn. I’ve taught many health and nutrition classes and seminars over the past 25 years. Through this, I’ve talked and counseled with many people, and have learned that oftentimes people feel extremely overwhelmed with their lives. Their schedules, their diets, their homes and their daily chaos!

For many years, I’ve gone into people’s homes to come alongside them and cheer them on to clear out and clean up the clutter! I’ve been a bit of a cheerleader/counselor, as there is frequently emotional attachment to possessions; and cleansing needs encouragement.  I’ve done professional organizing and have been a consultant on home and health organization through the years.  As I go in with a different perspective, I can see how things can run more smoothly and efficiently within the home!  It’s very liberating for people to get organized and operating their lives more stream lined!


I’m passionate about getting, being and staying organized!  I also thoroughly
enjoy helping other people to get organized. It’s freeing for so many!

I notice people get very overwhelmed and bogged down with their own
“stuff.” Life keeps us so busy with family, children, sports, activities and events; that we no longer have time to keep our own lives on track!  I have found that keeping life a little simpler, by having a place for everything, and having everything in its place, makes ALL the difference in both physical organization along with mental organization and clarity!

Have you ever walked into your home or a particular room and just felt total chaos?  It can be too much to deal with. We oftentimes just need someone to come in, hold our hand, and cheer us on! There are several great products out there to make life so much easier to stay on task!  A basket here, a shelf there, maybe turn a table the other way…small details can make a BIG difference. I love to help work out those details!


My goal is to to point you in the right direction; to encourage you in any way I can, and to help organize and streamline your life. In many ways; from de-cluttering your home, calendar, diet, health, office, garage, time and car; to relieving mental chaos and to being able to take in a full, healthy breath of fresh air!

Happy Organizing!

Shelli Thomas


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Shelli Thomas


  1. Hi Shelli, wow you are far ahead of me. What a beautiful website and easily understood contents. Keep it up and hope to learn something from you.

  2. Shelli, what a great website! I love the idea of being organized as I live in a messy, chaotic mess of a space. I envy you “organized types”. I just adore you and know that you will do all things with love, style and grace. Blessings to you.

    • Thank you so much Teresa! I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you for checking out this new site of mine. I’m really enjoying sharing some ideas with people that I’ve picked up over the years of my life!

  3. Wow Shelli, this is an incredible site! I enjoy reading the articles and getting inspired to tackle certain areas in my own house. You are such a great resource and I really appreciate having this site at my fingertips!

    • Oh thank you Mary! It’s been fun to put together and share with people a few tips I’ve learned over the years. I plan to keep writing, so come back and visit again soon!

  4. wow, what a great webpage. you cover everything. I just go through my house about every 3 months and toss anything that isn’t tied down! I think that is from too many army moves. I hate clutter. I love all the pictures and awesome tips.

    • I love that! Moving is very cleansing. My husband and I moved alot in the early years of our marriage, but have been here in Montana for over ten years. I think that’s part of why every six months or so, I get overwhelmed and have to clear it all out! thank you for the comment and the compliment on my website. It’s been super fun to share these ideas I’ve been learning through the years. Please come back and check out more tips and tricks to keep you organizing!

  5. Hi Shelli,
    I have bookmarked your awesome site! I love the idea of instantly decluttering! We have done the donating and recycling, and now if I can only convince my wife about the “throwing away” part. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    • Thank you Mike! I’m thrilled to hear you’ve started the organizational journey already. I hope you’ll find several tips and ideas to keep Your Organized Life! Let me know how the “throwing away” goes!

  6. Hi Shelli, Great post and inspiration to get on and tackle the excess that is cluttering up the place. Giving away and throwing out are really rather liberating. Thank you. Kind regards, Jill

  7. Hi Shelli, awesome story and I really like your optimism. Your website is very interesting and I find a lot of useful information here. Thanks a lot!

    • Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment. I hope you’ll look around some more and find some tips and ideas you can use to help Your Organized Life!

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