5 More Tricks to Keep You Organizing

Hopefully you’re up and rolling with some organizational techniques that I’ve shared! I hope you’ve started at thebeginning beginning (where you enter your home) and have applied a few of my strategies. Let’s keep organizing!

1st Trick

small-dresserMulti-use Dresser: If you have any little ones in the house, it can sometimes be tricky to keep all of their things in an orderly fashion. Especially as they grow into some independence. When they are infants, its usually pretty simple, if you have proper space for things, such as in a changing table station. As you begin training your child to be more self-sufficient, the learning process can be, well…messy!

One trick to helping them gain some independence, is to create storage at their level. If they need you to constantly put item up on a shelf or into a high drawer…you haven’t gained much ground.

A great alternative is a small dresser. Though they are still unable to reach the top drawers, the bottom two or three work excellent for their reach. Store their pajamas, socks and underwear in the top drawers. In the drawers they can reach and easily pull out, put their toys that they often access. Items that are similar in each drawer. Things like baby dolls and accessories in one, and maybe blocks or Legos in another. It makes it much easier to have them pick up their toys and put them all away in one area, and simply shut the drawer!

2nd Trick

Make use of Convertible Furniture: There are several types of multi-purpose types of furniture available today.drawer-coffee-table

It’s wonderful to be able to use the furniture that you already need in a practical way! Having a big drawer in the coffee table for toys or extra storage is great. The coffee table is already there, taking up space and serving its purpose for setting things on and such, so its an excellent place to get more storage and keep the living room organized!

There are also several ottomans with storage in them. This can be a nice place to keep extra pillows or blankets for cuddle time watching a movie on the couch! Again, the ottoman is serving its purpose for resting feet, but its already taking up space, so let’s put it to use! DVD’s and CD’s can also be stored in the ottoman, just put them in small baskets so they stay upright and easy to see.

A convertible sofa bed or sleeper couch can be a real space saver. Something such as a Futon can convert to a couch, and a bed when needed.  My husband stayed on a super comfortable Futon in Alaska that he loved!  It even had built in storage.  Some Futons have drawers underneath even.  This is just one other tip to help save on space, and keep your “stuff” to a minimum!

3rd Trick

Clear School Pencil Boxes in Medicine Cabinet: Do you remember back in the day when you got to go shopping for your new school supplies? You may have done it, or are still doing it, with your own children. I remember wanting a fun colored box to take my new supplies to stick in my school desk. But truly, the clear boxes are much more practical for our organizational purposes!clear-pencil-boxYour bathroom medicine cabinet is a perfect place to put these inexpensive boxes to use. (Be aware though; you don’t want the cheapest boxes you can find, as the plastic tends to break quickly and renders the box useless.) Having the pencil box being clear, it shows its contents at a glance. I do always like to label the outside, as the boxes can be a bit opaque. Also, I happen to LOVE the organized look of containers labeled in a cupboard or cabinet (is that weird?)

Great things that can be stored in clear school pencil boxes in a medicine cabinet are:

  • Ice/heat packs
  • Prescriptions
  • Over the counter medications
  • First aid supplies/band-aids
  • Manicure supplies
  • Extra make-up or lotions
  • Travel sized shampoo and toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Cotton balls/pads

Clear boxes also work great for things such as extra batteries and light bulbs!

4th Trick

Make use of space inside cupboard door: Oftentimes our lack of organization is mainly attributed to the fact that we just don’t have storage. 9 times out of 10, I find people also need to eliminate some stuff…but finding and making more storage is very helpful! Though your cupboards may be bursting at the seams, you can add storage to that area, simply by using the space closest to the door.

You can hang a basket inside the bathroom vanity door. It’s great for storing lotions, creams, cleaning products, blow-dryer, curling iron or a number of bathroom supplies. Maybe even extra toilet paper or tissues!
In the kitchen, a garbage can can even be attached to hang from the under the sink cupboard!

A basket can also be attached to this cupboard to hold either cleaning supplies, or perhaps the plastic wrap, aluminum foil or plastic bags. It really is a wonderful place to store some of those hawax-paperrd to fit items. Awkward sized products can be tuchanging-trashked out of the way, in a cupboard basket!

Do you use a lid organizer? If you don’t…you’re going to love this! I remember growing up, we had a cupboard that all the odd sized lids would be piled up in. We would toss them in, in no particular order, as they would never stay organized, even if we tried. It was impossible, as they were all different sizes.

The first time I saw a wire pot lid organizer… I was so happy! pot-lidsThey hold the lids upright, so they can actually stack! Yay! You can also get a pot lid organizer that will attach to the inside of a kitchen cabinet, saving valuable drawer space! That’s a WIN!

5th Trick

S shaped hooks for many uses: It seems like such a simple, inexpensive trick! It is! A little S shaped hook can serve to help you organize your life in many ways and has several helpful functions.  They even come in a variety of sized for specific jobs.
S-hooksKeep a few S shaped hooks on your shower rod in the bathroom. When overnight house guests arrive, you have extra “towel hooks” for them to use!

If you have limited space in a bathroom, or other small room; lean a ladder in the corner, attach S hooks and baskets to hold rolled towels, washcloths, magazines, or books. Instant space maker!

In your closet, you can triple your shirt hanging space, by adding a small length of chain on an S hook, and hanging shirts vertically down the length of chain. (That’s a super good idea!)

I hope that you will make use of these fun and inexpensive tricks to help keep you organizing! Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you’re applying these ideas. I’d love to hear how you’re organizing journey is going.  Also, please share this post with anyone you know who needs these tricks!  Thank you.

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Once again these are amazing ideas. I wish I had this information when my children were younger. Trying to teach them to be a little less dependent on me would have worked much better with the dresser idea. Oh and those S hooks. My imagination is really going now. I am getting a few of those. We will be having a lot of family here Christmas day and I know exactly what I’m using them for. Thank you again

    • Yay! I’m so excited for you and that you’re applying my strategies right away! Please let me know how Christmas goes! Are you planning to use the S hooks for hanging guests towels? It works amazingly fantastic! No wet towels lying hanging over the guest room chairs, beds or suitcases. Merry Christmas Lee Ann!

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