3 Quick and Easy Organization Tips To Get You Started!

Getting and staying organized is so much easier when everything has a home and it’s easily accessible.  It really tendsclutter-pile to cut down on all the “piling” that can happen around the house.

Clear Coffee Table

Our Living Rooms are quite lived in usually.  The coffee table tends to become a “catch all” for magazines, newspapers, books, mail, remotes, glasses, snack coffee-tablebowls, and just plain garbage.  Organize this space to be useful.  Make it still look nice and put together, but functional.  A coffee table with an underneath shelf, works great!  Also, a magazine holder, to put those extra books, newspapers and magazines in by the couch, looks so nice!  It can be metal, wood, or an attractive basket.

A remote home really helps!  Whether you use a bowl, plate, cup, basket, wooden box or any other place to keep the remotes from getting misplaced.  Make it a habit to always set the remote back in it’s home after use.

A purposeful place in the house for all incoming and outgoing mail is always a good choice.  Mail tends to be one of the most popular piling items.  Make an intentional effort to immediately dispose of “junk” mail upon entering the house.  Recycling and newspapers, magazines and envelopes that are not needed.

Assign a specific place for mail that needs attention, such as bills to be paid and letters to read.  We have a small drawer by the kitchen sink, that has all the immediate attention needs from the mail.  It could be a basket, shelf, or drawer; in the kitchen, office or anywhere you’ll deal with it.  Just try to be intentional on placing it where you’ll take care of it…instead of stashing it out of the way (like on the coffee table or end table as you walk by).

entrywayDe-clutter Entryway

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, starting at the beginning of your home is a great place!  If space allows, a simple dresser is a fun way to store hats, mittens, gloves and scarves.  It keeps everything accessible, yet out of the way and keeps the area looking neat and clean.

Another great way to keep all of these smaller hard-to-keep-track-of items; is to have individual baskets inside an entry cupboard.  This is what we have in our home.  We enter through the garage.  Just inside, my husband built a fantastic shoe shelf that also has cupboard with doors.  Inside the left hand side, I put baskets for all of the hats, gloves, and scarves.  they are out of sight, but very easily accessed when needed!

A coat rack of some kind is very nice, if you do not have an entry closet for jackets and coats.  We live in Montana, so it seems each family member needs varying weights of jackets, to accommodate the ever changing weather conditions!  The have free standing coat racks, or you can build one in.  Ours is a large plank of wood, with railroad spikes pounded in.  You can get very creative here!  I’ve seen fun ones made with things like door knobs, pegs, wooden spools…the choices are only limited to your imagination!

A proper place for shoes and boots can be a problem.  They can add up quickly, especially if you live in a climate that requires multiple pairs per person.  Try to prepare a place for all of them, such as a built in shelf, or even just a small shoe rack.  Tripping over disorganized shoes upon arrival after a long outing, can be stressful!  Be very diligent about keeping all shoes and boots where they belong.  Keeping mates together to make a pair.  Even when they are not closed in a cupboard, they can look nicely organized.

If your place of entry is extremely limited; I suggest you have each family member keep his or her outdoor gear in their individual bedrooms if possible.  As you enter your home, you do not want to greet the chaos of piled boots, shoes, coats and outdoor clothing!

Over Door Storage

If you do have an entryway closet, but it’s space is limited, you can increase it!  Add an over the door storage rack to the inside of the door.  They work great!  You can keep all of the hats, gloves, and mittens in them!  Also, you can add the emergency flashlight, umbrella, or any other last minute items you may need to add befover-the-door-basketore heading out the door.

These type of storage devices are wonderful inside of a lauover-the-doorndry closet for those extra items like spot remover, scrub brushes, pet shampoo, window squeegee, BBQ liter, dog brush and nail clipper; any miscellaneous item that usually has no home!

Over door storage also works great in your bedroom closet for organizing your shoes! Another super tip for shoe organization is: keep out of season shoes (such as flip flops in the winter) in shoe boxes on your closet’s top shelf.  Mark specifically what pair is inside with a label.  At the turn of the season, trade them out for a winter shoe (say a fuzzy-on-the-inside, closed toe number).  Label the opposite end of the shoe box with the specific description and face that outward.  Simply trade them all out as the weather changes and your needs change!

Inside of a kitchen pantry provides more space for an over the door storage rack.  The compartments are usually clear, to see contents easily.  you can keep spices, dish cloths, or even cleaning supplies in them, to free up space elsewhere!  Small shelves can also be built onto the door, or attached afterward.

These are just a few quick and easy organizational ideas to get you started on your journey of an organized, less stress and chaotic life.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you plan to get started!  Also. I’d love for you to share this post with everyone you know that needs to get started on organizing their lives.  Thanks!

Enjoy Your Organized Life!



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Shelli Thomas


  1. This is a fantastic site! Very useful and helpful information for people to organize their homes, offices, basically their whole world. I especially wanted to leave a comment for this post because it truly calls out to me.

    I am one of those who starts off intending to be organized, but slowly end up having lots of stuff piled up in areas – e.g. the storage room. The idea of Over Door Storage is so clever and perfect! I will definitely get that, and have at least my storage room more organized, for a start.

    Once again, thanks Shelli!

  2. With the over the door storage rack will the door shut all the way? Will a lot of things fall out using these type storage? You have some great info on here, the problem I have is getting time to do these things. I need to purchase a labeler for the remotes for tv.

    • If you get a cheap, plastic over the door storage rack…yes.  things will fall out as it wears down.  But if you find a nice, quality one, especially the basket type, they work GREAT!  And yes, the door will close just fine. 

      I think that you will find if you take time up front to apply some of my ideas, it will actually free up your time and space!  Especially if those remotes are labeled!!

  3. Hello Shelli,

    I figured I get ahead of my spring cleaning and came across your site. Thank you for all the great tips on organization. I live in a decent size home but still have limited space. I saved your website to my favorites for future reference.

    Thanks again,


    • Thank you Jack! You’re really getting a jump, as we are buried in snow, up here in Montana! I do love that you’re preparing and planning. Keep visiting, as I will continue to write about easy and practical ways to keep organizing!

  4. I am a very messy person. Great information for people that want to organize their homes. I am going to read more on your website and see what other useful information you have. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you think this will help you get organized. Just take each idea and implement it, then move onto the next one. It really will save you time, energy and money! I appreciate your comment. Please keep visiting for more ideas and tricks!

  5. Hi Shelli
    There are some great tips here to start on my decluttering journey again. I did really well a few years ago but then stagnated. Well NOT this year. This year anything that doesn’t serve me is leaving my home! Now off to clear off the coffee table.

    • Way to go! I’m glad you’re starting up again. It makes life run so much more smoothly. It’s incredible how much our stuff can big us down mentally as well. Thank you for visiting. Keep checking back, as I’ll continue to share my ideas to kill the clutter and chaos!

  6. Hi Shelli, I’ve decided to start at the beginning of your site! Thank you for your ideas! I have written down some good points. I have someone that will be hard to train but if I get organized & have a place for everything maybe that will help! I’ve already started with getting rid of junk mail as soon as I come home! My thought is don’t pick it up twice! Deal with it now! God bless!

    • I’m so happy you are taking this journey into getting your life organized! Yes, start at the beginning and create space for everything you have. You will find success! Thank you for commenting!

  7. Awesome tips! I am in the process of reorganizing my bedroom and I am current evaluation what I need and where to put what. If I have to choose the “over door storage rack” is my favorite of what you’ve mentioned. But I have no idea where to start. Is there a particular brand you can recommend?

    • There are several brands out there. I’d just make sure that if you go with a plastic type, that it is very durable, so the plastic doesn’t get stiff and crack. The cloth type are very nice as well! I’m thrilled that you are implementing this idea!

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