15 Simple Steps Toward Your Organized Life!

As I’ve noted previously in other articles, taking on too much at once can be a bit overwhelming. Here, I’m creating afirst-step simple list of 15 steps you can follow to really get your organizing journey rolling! They are all quite easy to apply to your daily life, but will really make a large impact in you becoming the organized person you want to be with less clutter in chaos to wade through in your home. Let’s go!

box1. Keep A Donation Sack Or Box

Always have an ongoing donation box, or even a paper sack, going to help you have a place for those items you’re clearing out. If you, or a family member, has outgrown a piece of clothing, finished reading a book, or decided that you have three too many gadgets in the utensil drawer, it’s great to have a designated place for items needing to be donated, or given to someone else in need.

It makes it much more likely to help clear the clutter, than just thinking…”I need to get rid of that.” the laundry room, or a bedroom closet, are both great places for your donation bin.

2. Re purpose Empty Tissue Box For Plastic Bag Storagetissue-box

After you’ve emptied either the square cube tissue box, or even the rectangular type, use it for storing those always-messy-seeming thin plastic bags from the grocery store. When that box is filled, you have ENOUGH! Take them to the grocery store to be recycled at that point.

Also, try to use reusable grocery bags. It not only helps the environment, but they stay put so much better in your vehicle than the plastic bags that let your groceries fly all over the place! I also love my reusable bags because they are so durable and can hold much more in less space. Be careful though, an oblivious stock person can fill them with heavy items so you can barely lift it!

3. Empty Cardboard Food Boxes Into Glass Containerscereal-box

Cereal boxes, crackers boxes, powdered sugar box, flour and sugar bags; all take up a lot of awkward space in your pantry or cupboards. If you buy more uniform sized containers, they will really save a lot of space and can be easily organized and properly labeled for quick access. Metal or glass are the preference, as they will actually help to seal and preserve the freshness of your food, extending the shelf life!

I also place pasta noodles; such as spaghetti and macaroni, in these type of containers for freshness and organization. Beans, split peas, millet, rice, and any bulk type foods work excellent in glass jars or containers, and are very orderly when labeled. It always makes the pantry look so nice! I just love that look!

4. Shower Caddies To Add Storage Space

An inexpensive shower caddie is a great way to gain “shelf” space in the bath/shower area. You can even have a couple of them, attached with removable adhesive hooks. They are really nice to add when you have overnight house guests, especially if they bring their own shampoo, conditioner, soap or razor! You can designate one just for them, and really make them feel welcome and at home!

5. Shelves Above Doors For Books

bookshelfBooks can be a difficult thing to get rid of. We often like to go back and reread a good book, or even use it for reference in the future. I get that. A great place to store these treasures out of the way, but still not too difficult to access, is install shelves about the doors in your home. Above the bedrooms, bathrooms, entry, pantry, and even closets. Its extra space, that you generally don’t hang photos and artwork.

Bookshelves above EVERY door might be a bit much, but a few throughout the house will be a warm and very practical way to keep those valuable pieces of literature you just can’t bring yourself to part with!

6. Store Seasonal Clothes & Extra Linens Under Bedunder-bed-storage

If you live in an area with varying temperatures throughout the year, you need a variety of weights of clothing. We sure do here, in Montana! The space under you bed is an excellent place to store the off-season clothing, or even extra linens, when not in use. Rolling carts or bins are perfect for this, and they come in a variety of options.

7. Get A Bed With Storage Underneath

My husband built our bed, and it has drawers underneath that are built right in. It works great for us, and we don’t even own a dresser for our bedroom! It’s a wonderful way to save space and stay organized. Very efficient!

8. Entryway Coat Rack With Shelf

coat-rack-shelfIt seems as soon as people enter the home, they have bits and pieces that they need to unload. Having a coat rack with a shelf, can keep these items all in one place. Add a mail organizer, so things don’t get piled up. Attach some key hooks, so they always have a home! A hook or two for dog leashes, help to keep them easily accessible for when you need to be taken for a walk!

9. Bathroom Over-the-Faucet Shelfover-faucet-shelf

Gaining a little extra space in the bathroom can make all the difference in controlling chaos. Installing a small shelf that fits over the faucet area is a great place for a water glass, toothbrush holder and hand soap or lotion.

10. Arm Rest Table

In the living area, you can gain wonderful space by simply having a couch, or Futon, with arm rest tables on one end or both.  Or get an arm rest organizer!  It’s incredible how much room you can gain. You can even avoid the need for a coffee table with this, and that opens up your floor space; for playtime, toy set-ups, or just general space feel.

11. Hanging Secondary Rack In Closet

You can double your closet hanging space by installing a simple secondary closet rod or hanging rack. You made need a portion still available for long dresses, suits or jackets; but in general your pants and shirts can all double up!

clear-chair12. Clear Acrylic Chairs

You can really set a feeling of extra space, an illusion actually, by using clear acrylic chairs that people can just see right through!

13. Over Toilet Storageover-toilet

Adding a shelf or cabinet over your toilet can really give some wonderful storage. We have a closing cabinet above our toilet, and use it as our linen closet, for towels and washcloths. A simple shelf    works well too, for rolled up towels or extra toilet paper!

drop-leaf-table14. Drop-Leaf Table

A dining room table with a drop-leaf, can really help save space. When not in use, simply put the leaf (or two) down, to give you more working room! When you need the extra table space…it’s right there!

15. Magnetic Strip In Bathroom

Bathrooms always seem to have tiny items, that are easily lost. If you install a magnetic strip to the inside door of your cabinet or medicine chest, you can attach all those easy-to-lose items. Small things; like: nail clippers, bobby pins and barrettes, tweezers or curler clips.

I hope some of these simple step to more organization will help you on your journey forward in clearing some clutter and chaos in your life! Please let me know if you have any questions and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Hey there,

    I have to admit that this came really in handy for me. I have been having organization issues for years now and I would use some help here.

    I like the drawers built under the bed idea, can you please explain to me this works. I can get a repair and the enhancement made for my bed.

    Waiting for your quick response. Thanks.

    • My husband built our bed and he put the  drawers under.   But, you could certainly  get  someone to build a frame with drawers.   It would need to be a frame to replace your box spring , similar to a base to a waterbed.  I love that you want to do this.   Let me know how it goes!

  2. I could definitely use more space in my closets as it became crowded with a lot of pants, jackets, dress shirts, shoes, and my regular dresser full of clothes. I was wondering where you can get a good secondary rack for my closet so that I can create more closet space?

    • Well, you’ve come to the right place!  I’ll continue to post tips and ideas to help you clear some of that clutter and chaos.  Just follow my link to amazon and you’ll find great racks.  A simple closet rod piece can be installed also!  Let me know how it goes!

  3. Such great tips! My goal is to be more organized in the new year! I will certainly be following you closely!

    • Yay!! That’s wonderful. I’m planning to write about organizing our goal setting soon. So great you are here. Thank you so much for commenting!

  4. I love the shelves above doors thing. Now there’s space you never knew you had! It looks good too, like a literary archway.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. It really is a great place to keep those books that you just CAN’T get rid of! I think it looks super nice to. Very organized!! Please return to my site for more tips and ideas soon!

  5. Getting organized is so overwhelming to me. I am a saver and a stuffer, it’s awould. I do love your idea of book shelves above door way and your entire website looks amazing.

    • Thank you so much Jaye! It’s been super fun to share the ideas I’ve gathered through the years of organizing my home and others. The overwhelming feeling is normal. I encourage you to just set short term goals and take it little by little. Start at the beginning. Where you first enter your home, and expand from there. Begin with my lists for de-cluttering, to get rid of unwanted and unneeded items in the house. If you have a place for everything, it’s SO much easier o keep track of where things go to pick up and put away. It will truly save you time, energy and money. I hope you’ll keep visiting here to get ideas to get your life organized!

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