10 Easy Ways to Create Space in Your Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is pretty much the “hub” of the home. People gather there, meals are planned, prepared and eaten in the kitchen, and it can just become the general hang out, as people like to center around food! It’s really nice to have the kitchen orderly and have tools easily accessible for use. As I say; a place for everything, and everything in its place!

Space, Space, Spacekitchen

Sometimes the reason that kitchens get over cluttered and unorganized, is that there simply isn’t enough space for all the necessary tools and gadgets. Though… I do encourage you NOT to get every gadget for every job. Simply use a knife to get the end of the tomato off; not a tomato end remover! And you certainly don’t need 4 garlic presses, one will do. Or better yet, use the side of your butcher knife.

Your drawers can quickly become very cluttered with; choppers, clip-on colanders, lettuce spinners, lid removers, egg cookers…the list can go on and on. But at times…we just need MORE SPACE!

Here are some great ways to create more space!

  1. Add a counter height table.

Get one with a shelf or two underneath. This will give you extra storage space, plus extra counter space (which is almost always needed). As a bonus, you’ll have extra seating for guests!

2. Add corner shelves in small spaces.
It can really help you increase your amount of storage area. You can even do a floor to ceiling one, that is sturdy enough for appliances, such as an electric mixer.

3. Add a storage shelf on refrigerator.

If your refrigerator isn’t up against walls on both sides, get an organizer rack or shelf or even a basket to attach to the side of the refrigerator to store mail, recipe books, or even utensils in jars.

4. Add a magnetic paper towel holder to side of refrigerator.

Underneath the kitchen sink can get crowded. Counter tops can get overly cluttered very quickly. So putting something that you always use (like paper towels) on a magnetic holder on the side of the refrigerator can be a great way to create more space!

5. Add a rolling storage pantry next to fridge.

Most of the time people are left with a small space between the refrigerator and counter top. It seems it’s always just enough to collect dust, but not easy to get back into to clean! A rolling pantry is an excellent way to create more space in the kitchen! You can put spices, oils, vinegar; all sorts of smaller items that would other wise take up treasured cupboard space. It rolls out of view next to the fridge when not in use, so everything still looks organized and tidy!

6. Add a wall mounted dish rack.

If hand washing dishes is something you need to frequently do, but your bulky dish rack is in the way taking up prime real estate on your counter top; consider installing a wall mounted dish rack to create more space! You might also like a roll up drying rack, that just fits over your sink, and rolls up for easy storage!
7. Add a vertical wine rack (If you drink wine).

If you have a large wine rack on your counter top, I’d encourage you to find a vertical wine rack, or even a hanging wine rack to help clear off your counters and keep the kitchen more organized.

8. Add a chef’s cart.

Adding a chef’s cart to your kitchen (if you have space) can be an incredible creator of space. Though it takes up floor space, it can free up counter and cupboard space, as it has drawers and shelves. It also does add to your counter space too! There’s another great win!

9. Add shelf space.

Two rows of cups generally can fit on a single shelf. You simply add either a wire shelf on top of the first layer of cups, or add hooks to the top of the cupboard, and hang cups from them. Or, you can do a combination of both!
10. Add a magnetic shelf.

Another fun way to create space is to add a magnetic shelf at the top of your cupboard. You can put jar lids up to it for wonderful storage in the top half of your cupboard, freeing the bottom half of the shelf for other items! It’s also a very organized, nice looking way of creating more space in your kitchen!  Or you can add it to the middle of the cupboard and hold things on it also.

I hope that you can implement some of these 10 easy ways to create more space in your kitchen! Please comment or ask a question below, and let me know if this helps you!

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Shelli Thomas


  1. Ooh these are some really great tips and are coming at the perfect time. You know how the holidays can get, with a more than extra stocked kitchen, family dinners, lots of guests over, the cake, the ham, the turkey, all create a huge need for space. Your tips are really awesome, I particularly like the paper towel on the magnetic rack on the side of the fridge and the wall-mounted dish rack.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I believe they will help many of us out. I know my kitchen is always the first place to catch that clutter. It’s the holiday season and I am now doing more baking than I have ever done in the past. My youngest daughter loves doing crafts and baking. I will definitely be searching your site for more ideas after leaving this comment. Thank you

    • Thanks Lee Ann! I’m so happy to hear that you’re finding my site helpful to you. I’ll try to keep the ideas coming so let me know if you have anything specific you’re wanting to learn about or an area you’re struggling with; I’ll be happy to help. I’ve been passionate about organization forever! I just love helping people clear the chaos and clutter! If you ever have any questions, please let me know!

  3. This is very useful information! I enjoyed reading it 🙂 It makes me want to reorganize my kitchen and use your tips. I really lack space but I tend to leave the dishes and things i use the most on the counters so it doesn’t become a pain looking for them through the covers, i really want to add a mounted dish rack, i will look into it right away!
    Thanks for the info Shelli 🙂

    • Oh wonderful! I hope you find one right away. On my site, there is a link to a great one we found from Amazon. I’ll keep sharing about dealing with limited space, so check back with my website. Thank you so much for the comment!

  4. What great ideas! I don’t think there is ever enough space to put everything without having stuff out on counters. There are some excellent ideas here, and I thank you for taking eh time and energy to put them out here for me! I like the very practical advice of using my butcher knife instead of getting a special implement to crush garlic!

    • Thank you for your comments!  I’m so happy to hear that you’;; crush your garlic with a knife.  It actually works perfectly.  Counter space is very valuable in my house, as I love to cook and bake fresh bread and rolls.  I need room for four loaf pans, three cooling racks and four cookie sheets on baking day!  I hope you’ll continue to find tips and ideas you can apply to your daily life from my site.  Keep visiting!

  5. Hi Shelli
    I really need to have a massive purge of stuff in my kitchen. It’s gotten out of control and bench space is taken up with gadgets that I use but really should be put away between use to give a clutter-free feel. I was thinking of clearing out a cupboard at a time and throwing away or selling things I don’t use. Do you think doing one cupboard a day would work?

    • I love that you’re formulating a plan! Little by little is the key. You may need to tackle more than one at a time, as you may be trading spaces between different areas. But…you can always have a “work zone” to stash things for a new area, to be dealt with the following day! Way to go. Keep organizing! You are going to love your new organized life!

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